A Christmas Wish

DaisyduckworthDecember 21, 2003

I've posted this elsewhere, but most of us need some Christmas cheer, so here it is again, from me to all of you. Sorry, I still don't know how to do links! Click on each character for full effect.


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Daisy, it's nice to see you again - Happy Holidays to you, too!

When you find a site that you'd like to post, right click on the link as displayed in the address bar, and choose 'copy'. Left click on the 'back' button to get to where you want to post the link, go to the 'optional link url' block, right click in the blank space, and choose 'paste'. Then put a name to the link - doesn't really matter what - then write a note in the message block. Click on 'preview' and test your link. If it takes you back to the website you want to share, click on 'submit message, and it will be available. If you try it, and it doesn't work, we will help you again. Michael is an EXCELLENT resource for computer knowlege - all you need do is ask.

Here is a link that might be useful: A link for Daisy-caution - VERY slow loading site!

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Thanks for the link, Daisy....very cute....Merry Christmas to you!!

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