50yr tile counter w / porcelian sink. ikes!

molossermomNovember 27, 2011

Hi all. My house was built in 1942 and has never had the kitchen remodeled. It was well built but now needs repaired and IâÂÂve had nothing but headaches trying to do so, (eg, all the wood cabinet doors and drawers are uniquely sized). The entire counter is tile as well as the backsplash and is in dire need of re-grouting. About 9 months ago I put new caulk around the under mounted porcelain sink. That didnâÂÂt last long since I hand wash my dishes and love to cook my kitchen is constantly in use so before I knew it the wood supports rotted as well as the wood floor under the sink .the supports have been replace, the floor dried out but there's a huge uneven gap around the sink where the caulk goes . Because itâÂÂs deep as well I inserted backing rod in the gap but have gone through two tubes of caulk and clean and restarts trying to get it even. Any tips? Advice? Should I re-grout then re-caulk? Would it help to replace the tile around the sink or redo the supports? I know IâÂÂm in over my head and don't know what IâÂÂm doing or where to start so any help would be appreciated. I did search the forum before posting but everyone seems to have a granite counter top.

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It sounds like to me that you are trying to save something that is basically not saveable. Tear it all out saving as much as possible and start with new cabinets.

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