Hereare some other things i've made.

kathi_mdgdJuly 27, 2013

These were made for another grand child.

Buro pads,these were made from left over flannels,and/or terry dish towels found at walmart;

cover I made for the front porch bench,i change it with the seasons:

fall table runner:


Was trying to post some more but photobucket doesn't always cooperate.

Let's try to keep this forum active again.!!!!!

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Everything is very nice. Wish I could find time to sew. We have such a big garden that seems to take so much of my time and energy. Thank you so much for posting your pictures.


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I love seeing things people have made. It's so inspiring and makes me look forward to trying new projects!

All of your work is beautiful. I wish I had a front porch & bench.
That is such a great idea to change the cover for the seasons : )


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Those are all very nice!

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All beautiful, good for you!

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All the pieces are nice but I love that full table runner.

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Thank you everyone.I keep trying to livein up this forum,but not having much luck.I know we have a lot of sewers out there,so let's see what you are doing.

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Very nice. I made a couple of bibs once, they didn't turn out as nicely as yours. I also make a huge "waterproof" changing mat the girls love. I put flannel on one side, terry on the other side and several layers of batting in the middle, quilting it on my Sweet 16.

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I love seeing your new sewing projects. I finally have the time to get back on this forum after leaving for many years. I have now retired and have time on my hands so I will plan on posting more often. I agree with nbgramma that your bibs are lovely and very pretty. Are they flannel and did you line them? If so with what? Thanks, Di

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Foxy,yes they are flannel both front and back,and that makes them thick enough.Same with the burp pads.

We recently got our 4th ggc,so now I need to make some for him,he just turned 3 months.If you go further back in the posts,you can see the crib sheets I made for him.

Marilyn,i garden as well,but we no longer do the veggies any more except for tomatoes,as there are just the 2 of us here .We have tons of plants and flowers though,and here we garden all year.

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