Babylock serger EVOLVE accessories

garystpaulJuly 14, 2009

Just on the verge on getting a new EVOLVE; we're "dealing" on accessories. Anyone have experience re: the usefulness of these items:

 the rolling tote bag (for trips to classes, etc.)

 the (rather pricey) Workbook

 the package of 6 additional feet (cording, elastic, blind hem, gatherer/ruffler, beading, lace application)

 the Fabric Guide (BLE8FG)

Any help appreciated.


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I would get the pkg of feet.As for the tote bag,i use a luggage carrier and i make my own tote bags.You should be getting a manual with your machine,that tells you how to do most everything,so look at the workbook and see if it's something you would use,or just another dust collector.

As for the fabric guide,do you mean a special foot,or a guide to tell you what fabric needs what needle??

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Thanks, Kathi. The Fabric Guide is pictured and described here:

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One of those came with my regular sewing machines,i sewed a lot and never ever used it.If you sew a lot you can pretty well gauge your distance with your eyes,or just stick a couple layers of tape or something like that to the bed of the machine.I do a lot of quilt piecing and seam allowance is pretty critical there,still i never used it.JMO

To me it's not a neccessity,i'd rather spend the money on fabric.LOL,LOL


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I am with Kathi...get the feet. A rolling tote can be found most anywhere, a workbook...never saw the Babylock one but they cost a good bit, serging books can be found easily (I recommend Serging with Confidence by Nancy Zieman), and I don't know what the fabric guide is. But the feet are exclusive to Babylock and you might not find generic ones that will work later on.
Don't know if this is a choice for you but for what the Evolve costs, seems like they should throw in all of it for you.
Just saying......:)
Good luck.

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Hey, Murphy, thanks for taking the time to respond here. In fact, they did eventually throw in everything, minus the fabric guide (which no one uses or even seems to know or care about). The workbook is terrific, if only because it's chattier than the manual, is beautifully laid out and has useful tips, very nice for understanding all the things the machine can do. So far, the single most helpful thing has been the DVD that comes with it: 12 chapters covering just about everything; I'm getting a lot out of it. This is going to be a fun adventure, especially once the sticker shock has worn off. Thanks again to all. Gary

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