Can I stitch vinyl fabric for a curtain?

deborahmc52July 24, 2010

I saw the vinyl questions, this is thinner fabric, no backing, from Joanns, to use to cover contents of some bookcases..we lost our room at school and need to cover our exposed supplies..should I maybe put ribbon, or some hemming stuff?? lol I never use that and can't think of the name of it..and larger stitches so the fabric wont tear over time? Found some very vibrant fun fabric..thanks! Will be asking more questions I'm sure..have been sewing like MAD this summer school vaca..:>)

Debbie in Melb

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I wouldn't attempt to sew vinyl. Every time the needle goes through vinyl it would create a hole leaving the seam weak and liable to tear. What I would do is glue with a glue for vinyl. I'd glue a strip of cardboard to the edge of the vinyl, fold it over a few times and glue again and then punch holes in the top and attach shower curtain hooks to be threaded on a rod.

Better yet --Buy shower curtains at the dollar store. I buy mine there for $2. They are quite servicable and come in quite a few colors. If you don't like them plain the decorate them with glued on ribbon

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As the school music teacher, last year I inherited a cabinet whose doors had fallen off and the wood was stripped. That meant the doors could not be put back on. Since there's a Sunday School class that meets in my room, I wanted to keep them out of that cabinet, so here's what I did:

I bought a cafe curtain rod of the correct size at Home Depot, and nailed it carefully to the cabinet top front. Then I made some long cotton curtains (music print, of course) to hang from that rod. It's worked to keep people out of my supply cabinet.

Another challenge I had was to keep those same people out of my large xylophones and metallophones. So I made covers out of $2/yard fabric. That has another plus: it keeps the dust off!


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