Sear garage opener:

alex53_2008November 26, 2008


I have a Sears garage opener,older model with out any sensors .

The problem i am having is :when the temperature drops below freezing, the door wont open either with the wall mount or the remote.I have to lift the door manually to get into the garage.

Any suggestions?

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Whenever something like this happens to me the first place I look is mechanical, specifically bearings and pulleys. Make sure none of them are worn out or almost worn out. Make sure the tracks are aligned properly also. Try lubricating all the moving parts. Something like 3in1 oil. Be careful using spray libricants, a lot of them work pretty good but they also attract dirt.

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If you decide it is the logic board, I can tell you where NOT to buy a replacement: Ontario Supply. Found them on-line and the service was great, but the board they sent turned out to be defective and after I sent it back, they refused to refund the purchase price. My advis]ce is just to call a repair service.

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