Need help securing caster stems in my ottoman

careercounselorNovember 26, 2011

Hello Everyone:

I really need help on securing two caster stems to stay in the bottom of my ottoman--they did for many years but now are constantly falling out of the bottom when I move it or lift it. My unreliable handyman is turning away business here but seems totally uninterested in helping me get this problem resolved so I need your wisdom on what I can do to rid myself of this annoying problem and get those stems to stay in once and for all again.

Kind thanks for your help.


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Dependent on the way your current casters fasten to the mounts, you might have to purchase a different type casters in order to re-mount possibly getting creative by drilling and tapping out a new thread mount, or simply drilling out and bolting. Whatever works!

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Depends on the reason that they are now falling out.
Are the holes just enlarged from usage?
Is the wood? (other material?) that the recess holes are in broken?

If the holes are enlraged, wrap the caster stem with tape/paper/anthing to add some girth and then press fit the back in.

If the current holes are destroyed, option I see are:
Drill new holes somewhere close to the old one but in solid material, or
epoxy the casters in place.

Hope that helps.

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