Best driveway snow markers

hollyhocksNovember 12, 2013

just built a new house. wondering what is the best driveway snow markers? we have 900' of gravel driveway w/Ohio clay soil on each side. So many on the market: stick reflectors, round reflectors on sticks. need something that is easy to drive into the ground, durable (since I have to purchase so many) and visible. never used any before. do they last? any advice is much appreciated

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Buy the least expensive---you will be replacing a lot of them.

One way to save money is to alternate sides, instead of lining each side.

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I have used the first and fourth snow stakes.
The circled reflectors ars not as tall as the white orange pole stakes , off only by a few inches. I guess it depends on who manufacturers them.
The circled reflectors shaft splintered over time . These tiny slivers are nasty.
I have a 1200 foot drive way.
I used the first circled reflectors to stake the utility box and stream. I used the orange and yellow stakes to border the drive leaving space for the tractor to pass as we hauled the snow.
I bought a box of 200 stakes off the internet and a few break each year by the UPS truck or they snap as I pull them out at the end of the season.

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thanks! are the pole type reflectors (orange & yellow in photo) easy to push into the ground? if its snowing, is it too late to push the plastic into the frozen ground?

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Once the ground freezes it is very difficult to insert the thin orange snow stakes. They do not advance and end bending as you try to force them in.

I paid less buying them off the internet then Home Depot prices.
OHio..... it takes a few days of solid freezing temps for the ground to freeze. We have had two snow falls , a few nights of 25 degree temps and the days in the low 50's. I planted bulbs yesterday with no issue.
Plan on getting the drive staked this week.
I used two poles to denote rocks, or an old telephone box. It sucks hitting this with the tractor.

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