Need help with upholstery weight trim

musicteacherJuly 27, 2011

I have sewn many things with piping, even made my own, but I am having a terrible time with this pillow. I am trying to apply upholstery weight cording that is on a ribbon (like piping), and cannot control where my machine goes, the ribbon shows in most places, and in other places, I caught the cording. I'm about to take it all apart, sew the pillow, and if I can get the cording off of the ribbon, just sew it on by hand. The ribbon part seems to sewn on one side of the cording, in other words if you lay the ribbon part down, the cording seems to sit on top of it, not beside it. Anyone ever worked with this?

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Not quite sure I understand how you're trying to do this. If you're not using a zipper foot, try that. It allows you to sew close to the cording. Also, sew the cording to one side of the pillow before sewing it together. place the ribbon edge on the fabric edge with the cording on the seam line. Sew it down using the zipper foot and then sew the back and front pillow pieces together. The cording shouold be on the right side (outside) when you turn your pillow right side out.

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What Pris said plus go very slow. The slower you go the easier it will be to keep the seam as close as possible to the cording. Good luck!

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