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barb_roselover_inJuly 19, 2012

Since all of the fabric stores left, it seems that if you do sew, you will be forced to buy ready-made clothing. Walmart got a fabric department back, but the material is mostly craft stuff and lousy. I asked the clerk if she had any imput and she said they had nothing to do with what fabric they receive. Probably ordered by some guy who sits in an office in their headquarters and knows nothing about fabric or sewing. Since I am forced to do this, can any of you tell me where I can either obtain a yellow jacket to wear with a skirt, or buy some yellow chino cloth or similar fabric to make one. All the jackets in catalogs are either out of sight pricewise or there are none available in yellow. So frustrating. Thenks for any imput. Barb

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Do you not have a Hancocks nearby? They are a fabric store have lots of fabrics not just quilting cotton. JoAnn's also carries fabric other than cotton. If not, have you tried online shopping? I have bought from and they are really great to work with. Never had a problem, what I order is what I get. You might check them out. Hancocks also sells online too.
I feel your pain, I just hate it when I need a specific item in a specific color and it is not the current "trendy" color.
Good luck

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I order online from Denver Fabrics - good prices, lots of selection, good service. You can return fabrics - 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Denver Fabrics

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I buy a lot of fabrics on eBay also. Problem is finding true colors since your computer monitor probably won't show the true color. You may want to try to find somebody who will send you swatches. On eBay you can find a tremendous variety, new, used, vintage, kimono silks, cottons, polys, you name it. If I can't find what I want locally, I go to eBay.

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Hancocks Fabrics seem to have a good quality fabric. I've gotten frustrated with Joanns Most is a low quality and craft like stuff. ;o( Locally they hire people who know nothing of the supplies they carry and dont care to learn Sadly it's all we got for now. WHen I was in the Mid-West... there were some Missouri Fabrics stores, that were right good

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If you have a Hobby Lobby they have fabrics also.

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I've bought my fabric from walmart, ebay, hancock fabric,
hobby lobby

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