i screwed up big time!

junkyardgirlDecember 18, 2007

In my totally overloaded, confused mind, my date became Thursday instead of Monday, and I stood him up. I'm so mad at myself, because he's a really, really nice man, and I think there was something there.

On the other hand, when I didn't show up, he didn't call to see if I had a problem with my car, or had been in an accident or anything. If he had, I would have hopped in my car and been there in an instant, because I had been out mailing packages, so I was dressed.

Anyway, I'm very sad. My one chance in four years at happiness, and I go and blow it.

And to top it all off, I found my favorite bird dead in the aviary this morning, and I'm sick.

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Oh dear. Don't beat yourself up. Things happen for a reason. If he is a really nice man, he will forgive and offer you another chance to get together. Anyone who can't forgive or insists on perfection is crossed off my list in a hurry anyway. We are human, after all.

I'm so sorry about your bird. Any idea what happened?

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I am so sorry that this happened - darned it, but I do agree with barnmom - if he's any kind of gentleman, he will accept your explaination, should you decide to offer him one.

Oh, poor bird - was he old or ill?

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I'm sorry to hear that JYG...send him a link to the "I have a date" thread then another to "coffee shop V" where you said that you had tons of stuff on your schedule yesterday....sometimes when we screw up we have to humble ourselves. That doesn't mean kissing butt, just eating a little crow because we did indeed screw up. I hope you have another chance.

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Hey JYG - this is the stuff memories are made of!! Before long, you two will look back on this and laugh your you-know-what's off! Hang in there - I'm sure that he would be willing to let you make it up to him. If not, then he may not be a good idea afterall. Keep us posted!!


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Well, did you contact him or did he contact you? This is intriguing - let us know! Remember, in society/dating today, it is OK to contact the other person - GO FOR IT!

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jyg, don't fret too much. Email him and let him know what happened, and also ask if he showed up! If he is a man, he will forget about this goof and plan another meeting.

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OK, your too stressed out. I know when I get stressed I forget everything. If he's the man you think he might be, he will understand. Everyone has days like that and I'm sure he has too. If he's so full of himself that he can't forgive, then he is not the man you thought he was so you're still in a win, win situation.

Michael - Sending links to her thread about the date and her confession here is probably not a good idea. This is a new friendship/relationship and too much info too fast might do more damage than being forgetful. JMO

jyg, I really think he's going to understand and you will both laugh about this later.

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Um.....did you YOU call HIM to explain? Seems to me the ball's in your court, not his.

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You're right pris...probably not a good idea at this time.

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I would call him and explain or at least email him and see if he responds. I think, if he doubts what you tell him happened, and you feel the need to do so, you can definently link to the posts you made.

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Sorry I haven't been back to explain, but I have the flu, and have been recuperating all day, and being upset about all I have to do and don't feel like doing it.

He wrote and told me he waited for 30 minutes and then left. I wrote back telling him I was sorry, and I DID send him a link to the thread on The Single Life where I told them what a gentleman he was and how excited I was about the date.

He called last night, even though he hadn't read the email yet, because he wanted to make sure I was o.k. See, I told you he was nice. I told him that I just changed the day in my mind to the day I ALWAYS have off during the day, because I'm used to doing everything that day, and he understood. He also said that he had made a backup plan, so he wasn't too upset. He is helping his parents with some stuff, and then there are the holidays, and he's going out of town, so we decided to get together after he gets back. By then, I'll have some of my stuff done too, so it will definitely be less stressful.

He is a wonderful man. I can only pray that this is the one God had in mind for me, since He has made me wait so long!

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I am happy to hear that you two were able to talk - he indeed does sound like a great guy. I want to wish you the best of luck with this man. Also, I want to wish you a speedy recovery - my son is in bed with this flu - it's a severe virus FOR SURE!

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If God had him in mind for you, why would He cause you to "screw up big time" and blow the date?

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Hey, like I said, for the memories - at least I hope so. This could also be a neg. sign too, but let's hope not.

JYG, please get some rest. Let your immune system get some rest so you can fight this thing. Be sure to get plenty of fluids - very important!! I hope you will be feeling better soon - got to get it together for that hot date next year!!

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Asolo....I was going to keep this off the board, and write you personally, but you don't have a link to contact you in your profile.

God doesn't cause people to "screw up big time". People do that all by themselves. God makes it right again, and I think this time He did.

Look, I'm not the most religious person alive, and my God is probably not one most Christians would even be able to relate to, but I don't see the need for the sarcasm. You're welcome to think what you will. I choose to think it was some sort of divine intervention that led him to call me when I had done what I did.

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"You're welcome to think what you will."

Thanks. You, too.

Far be it from me to deny divine intervention operating in your personal dating-life. I could probably use some in my own.

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LOL Amen to that!

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