No TV? No Internet??

mariaoceanDecember 11, 2007

Hi. I just wanted to put this out there...wondering. Back in March, an old laptop that I had been hobbling along with, my only home computer, died. And I didn't scramble to replace it, wondering, considering how stressful it was to be reading my work e-mails at home, and knowing the hours I spent, glassy eyed in front of the Internet, vainly trying to think of something to do, and basically not wanting to be there...It has been 9 months since no home computer now, and really, the only thing I miss is keeping a night time journal on it. But now, 9 months later, I am used to using a small spiral notebook to write down my end of the day thoughts.

...then, there is the issue with the TV, increasingly not being able to watch commercials, increasingly my thing being to turn the TV on, and turn it off after 5 minutes...mentioning to a doctor a few months ago, that I wondered about getting rid of my TV, going into the Pottery Barn website and looking at furniture, wondering, "if I didn't have the TV there, what furniture would I put in its place?" Just posting on a message board one week ago, "sometimes, I wonder what it would be like to have NO TV." Wondering why I was spending $25.00 a month for "basic" cable, and not watching it.

Well, yesterday I got home and my cable was disconnected. I must not have paid the bill on time, and if they sent a warning, I didn't get it. The question is, am I crazy to think I want to see how I feel, NOT getting it hooked back up again? Ironically, one of the last things I watched, was some shopping channel on Saturday, where they were pushing this Gateway laptop, the woman showing the laptop exclaiming "I have one of these! I carry mine ALL OVER my house! I have it in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the living room!!!" I really don't want to be SO dependent on a machine, TV OR computer.

I figure I have the computer at work if I really want to see something...

Just wondering how out of the "norm" this is. The majority of my time at home for the longest time, has been spent cooking, reading, writing, talking on the phone to friends, and listening to music. Or just being quiet with myself. Anyone else out there who is not so into media and TV and such??

Thanks for reading.

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Maria, I watch very little television - I have done without it for weeks at times. I have also been in a situation where there was no internet and it didn't bother me. I guess it's all in how comfortable one is with the other amenities in one's home.

I love to read and work with my plants. If the weather is nice and warm, I will be outdoors doing something. Today is a good example of boredom for me - I just turned the tv on a few minutes ago - nothing on that intersts me. I came on here to see if there were any new posts and saw yours - otherwise, I would have moved on to something else.

I grew up with very limited tv time and I just never became addicted to it.

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I had to cancel my satellite t.v. because I could not longer afford it. I have no reception without it. I went crazy for a week or two, then I started reading, and renting movies and series DVD's and video tapes from the library. I enjoy watching them much more with no commercials, and the chance to stop them anytime I want and go back later and finish watching an episode.

Now my internet, I don't know if I could do without. It would be very difficult. I've thought about using the library computer at lunch, or after work, but with my schedule, that wouldn't be much. I don't have computer access at work. I was going to try it for a month, give someone my modem to keep, and see how it went. If it went well, I would just get rid of the DSL altogether. I'd like to keep my computer for other things, though. I just don't know if I could do without it, and my DSL is only $18 a month.

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Our power was out from early last evening, so I lost both until sometime before I got off work tonight...Missed doing my 4 online crosswords before I go to work every morning..I usually have the TV on, but don't watch it a lot...I just need noise in a quiet house. Satellite radio got me by last evening...18 per month is a good price jyd...I think I pay 35 for cable internet and 75 or so for it and cable tv combined.

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It is so peaceful without all of that stuff sometimes. But, I did notice that I wasn't getting the news (for what it's worth these days) and being here alone all the time, I wasn't hearing another human voice in the house. This Forum is great and I'm almost sad thinking about not having you all around, but sometimes it's good to hear another voice (luckily I don't talk to them!!) but, as I said, the quiet time is great for talking and listening to yourself sometimes. It helps to clear your thoughts - like meditating a bit.

Michael - I forgot to mention it on the CS5. How are you holding up with all of that ugly weather!!


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I was in a bad financial situation several years back and cable TV became a definite unaffordable. I tried to ween off from it by going from the $45/mo "basic" to the $15/mo very basic that, as I recall had Food channel, WGN and maybe TBS or something like that. After about a month or two I figured out it wasn't worth $5/mo per channel so I dropped it. I've debated about getting Dish, but I am happy with simply broadcast. I enjoy the morning news. I enjoy the reruns. There's a few broadcast shows I really enjoy and the PBS stations here are very good. They have a wide variety and are very progressive and I watch them a lot. They give me a better weather channel than cable. And I have a lot of tapes of movies and shows that I enjoy so I can have something to watch if I really want to.

When I'm out of town and staying in a motel, I used to look forward to having cable again. I don't find much on there I really like that well! Now there is one thing though, the high speed internet. That has me thinking, but around here it would be about $35/mo for the cheapest broadband by the time you get all the taxes and fees on it, so I'll stay with my $5/mo dialup.

I do like the internet. I like to learn things. I like to share things. I like to keep up on the weather and stuff. So the internet is important to me, and it also is so much entertainment that I can turn off the TV much more easily.

A year and a half ago the power went out for a week. If I had broadband I'd probably be without internet. I have dialup and a laptop and I had internet for entertainment, news, weather and communication. I charged the laptop in my van and it was great. Also have a battery TV so I could watch the local news and a tv show or two that I enjoyed.

Health keeps me indoors more and more and unable to do the physical activities I used to enjoy. So I'm probably more dependant upon the tv/internet/computer than many. But I know many who are far worse!

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gng - My philosophy on talking to myself is this. I get the best answers to all my questions. At least they make sense to me.

I have Dish with two movie packages which is definitely not worth the price. My contract will be up soon and I am dropping the extra movie packages. If I wait long enough they appear on a channel included in the basic package.

I've been thinking about this question for awhile now. If I have to choose between TV and internet when I retire, I will definitely drop TV. With internet you have so many advantages. If I can't remember some historical event, name etc. I can google. You can look up most anything you want to know and also find out what happened on your favorite TV program last night. Not to mention pay bills, balance you checkbook and on and on----and oh yes! catch up on the latest news. So why do we have television???

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Don't you guys have that ugly 'old woman/man' visiting your home? The one that stands behind you when you look in the mirror? The one that moves your stuff around and then you can't find it? The one who took your sexy undies out of the bureau drawer and put those big, ugly ones in there? The one that has her prescription bottles strewn all over the house - that's who I talk to when I get lonesome!

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LOLOL!!!! Oh Kay, that's who I talk to also! She doesn't listen half the time.

I thought I missed the news also without t.v., but I figure, if something earth shattering happens, I'll hear it. I have a news feed on my 'puter from CNN, so I can read the headlines and decide whether to read the rest. Most of the stuff is just depressing, and nothing I want to spend my time on.

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Junkyard - since I've been posting here I've almost stopped watching the news altogether. You are right - it is much too depressing. I would choose the internet over TV anyway. Funny thing, since that old woman keeps taking my glasses and I can't see my TV that well when she does that, I'm thinking about buying a new one - a 52"er. My sister has a 56" one and OMG, what a view. That's what you call a good football game!!

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Knee, what brand does your sister have? I have been looking at them, but have yet to find one that gets a good, crisp picture.

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I don't have one, but the next tv that I buy will be a a search, they have had very good reviews and much cheaper than other comparable brands.

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K-J - my sister bought hers from SNBC almost 2yrs ago. I believe it is an off-brand name. The only problem she has is the $200 lightbulb!! It supposedly goes out every two years. Of course you know she didn't make 2 years!! The newer DLPs have a much longer shelf-life for the lights. The DPPs are actually supposed to be better than the regular LCDs. When sis bought hers, Motorola was top for DLPs; not sure now though. If you need more info, let me know. Also, that sight that Michael told me about for my camera choice has some pretty good prices too.

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