renaging on parental responsabilities order

cattie25December 1, 2009

Hello there,

I'm after some advice please.

I live in Scotland and had my 2 girls in 1995 and 1998. I was not married to their father and we separated in late 1998.

In September 2003 we signed the equal parental responsibilities order.

Since 2004 he has nothing to do with his children on any level and i would go as far as to say he has been quite cruel when they have attempted to have contact with him.

He pays no maintenance.

Can i take him to court for failing in his duties as a father?

Can i take him to court to remove him from the order?

It seems crazy that he can renage to the detriment of his children.

All advice would be gratefully received.

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You need to visit with a family attorney in Scotland - we wouldn't have an idea about the laws in Scotland.

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See a family-law attorney where you live in Scotland. You won't learn anything here worth knowing.

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Since I have no idea about Scottish law, I'm not going to offer any legal advice; however, I will say one thing -- Why would you want HIM to have a relationship or contact with your daughters??? You said he has had NOTHING to do with them since 2004, and he has been "quite cruel" when they have attempted to contact him. He is a cold, abusive father and your daughters deserve far better than that! If you need his financial assistance (child support), then yes, you should seek legal advice so he is forced to fulfill his parental responsibilities (financially). However, if you can manage without his financial assistance, you should keep a person like him away from your daughters. Your children are your top priority, and you must protect them! Do not allow their father to mentally and emotionally abuse them.

If you'd like to discuss more about this, let me know. I hope you have a support (emotional) system in place, such as family and friends who have a great deal of common sense, which is something many people seem to lack.

Best wishes to you and your daughters!

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Over here, we have organizations, the largest of which is called Big Brothers (and Big Sisters) where you can go and sign up to have people who are checked out to be 'honorable', come and see your children for a few hours a week. They play, take them on outings, etc., and generally become "more" family (plus giving you a break as well), and it's free. Do you know of any such orgs. over there that could help out?

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