satine_gwDecember 15, 2008

Just wondering what everyone is doing for Christmas and New Years. I am doing something different this year-Im going on a cruise leaving the day after Christmas. The week between Christmas and New years is time off for me since the company I work for closes down. It is always the most difficult time for me since the family holiday time is over and Im faced with a lonely New Years Eve. I don't know if this will be a good thing or not but I figure at least I'll be where it is warm and the water is blue and there should be music and happy people. Being alone and lonely is never good but certainly much worse (at least for me) during the holiday season. What about you? Satine

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it's just another day to me. i have an invitation from sis but with 3 dogs and the yelling at the dogs to get down and the normal tensions you have with family, i will enjoy my day alone. LOL

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I'm not doing much because I JUST started a new job after being home w/o any real income since September. BUT, Christmas is special to me so I will probably pull out the tree and put up some decorations. Thanksgiving was a real surprise for me because I actually cooked and had family over - not usual for me. I got to use my dining room set after having used it for 5yrs as a decoration. So my urge to do something special was satisfied with that. I may go to church for Watch Night service, or sit home and watch the TV. Other than that, not much. I will try to keep my chin up though - I'm so thankful for having a job!!

Merry Christmas everyone - Enjoy the Holidays, whatever you do.


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i was going to decorate this year for the first time in 2 or 3 years, then i broke my arm. i settled for bringing my sitting santa up stairs and put it on my kitchen bar.

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Mary, your courage really impresses me! Congrats on that new job - may it be child's play for you!

I stayed home with my dogs today - it was 80 degrees and sunny, so I worked in my yard. I then walked the border collie up to look at the ocean (I just live 7 blocks from it) and it was an amazing force to see!

I fixed a peanut butter sandwich for lunch and for dinner I had a hotdog and baked potato, so it was a peaceful and simple day for me.

Being by myself gave me an opportunity to reflect on the good times I shared with my husband before he died in April of 2007. I just need that time - holidays are difficult for me.

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Thanks Jo. Send me an email when you can so I know I have the correct one for you. So far it's working out OK. I have to take a VAC day tomorrow because although we are open, I don't have a key to get into the office yet and no one knows when/if they are coming. So the boss told me I could use VAC. Well that's just fine and dandy - if I have leave. I'll be in a negative leave situation. Well, at least he gave me the day off with pay, so I'm thankful for that.

I truly didn't do much today - almost like you, Jo. I did walk the dog for a while. She has been going crazy since I'm gone all day now. I've been home all day since I got her. She loves to walk - LONG walks. I fixed some jerk chicken wings for work the other day and had some leftovers. I pulled a few out of the freezer and that was dinner. I did have a surprise give from Santa. Someone left me $15 on my car windshield. My neighbor found it. I don't think I dropped it anywhere because I haven't had that much money lately -no job; no money. I just feel badly because I can't thank the person. I also have so much - at least much more than most, so I also feel a little guilty for taking it. I did give my neighbor's little boy $5 of it. Anyway, I hope all enjoyed their Christmas day, whatever was going on. Here's to a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!!


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Mary, accept it with gratefulness - there are Angels everywhere - one stopped by your place!!!

I will email you right now - would love to hear from you.

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