blown in insulation into a finished ceiling

mongossNovember 19, 2009

This weekend (hopefully) I want to blow in the insulation into the finished garage ceiling. Reason being the living space above is cool/hot according to the season

My ? to this is:

Should I make the holes for the tubing/insulation at one end of the ceiling???


Would it be a better idea to make the holes in the middle of the ceiling and fill the ceiling from both sides?????


Make holes on either end of the ceiling and go from both ends starting at the center and working my way back.

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Congratulations on insulating the garage ceiling. It will certainly warm up the living space above.
We blow in celulose with entry holes about 3' from each end of the ceiling according to joist spacing - usually every 16".
As long as your garage is typcial in depth for one car's lenght, two holes is usually a better job.
Remember to wear a face mask, gloves and goggles.
Good luck.

The Porch Guy

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