gabrielesgardenDecember 25, 2007

today is my birthday.....anyone else have a birthday today or yesterday or tomorrow?

how do you feel about it being so close to christmas or on christmas?

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Well, by golly you are in good company - today is Jesus' birthday, too! Happy, HAPPY BirthDay!!!

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Happy Birthday gabrielsgarden!!!....I hope you had a wonderful birthday and Christmas combined....I know of others that have birthdays close to Christmas and they bemoan the fact they never got anything for their birthday as a child. Luckily I was a Leo, so I got a gift at halftime. :) Hope you have a great one.

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Wow, K-J's right, what a special birthday! As Michael said, it probably would be kind of tough trying to carve out two separate birthdays, yours and that of His. But it's your day as well, so hope you were able to enjoy it. My niece was due to be born on the 25th but my nephew and his wife convinced the Dr. to let things go until the 26th. They kept her labor quiet, all the while monitoring everyone's health, and at 6:00 on the morning of the 26th we all marched into L&D and my sweet little niece was born. We celebrate her day as Family Day - my nephew doesn't celebrate Christmas but didn't want the kids to be isolated from their cousins. So the compromise was Family Day where everyone got together to exchange gifts and celebrate my niece's birthday. It actually has been fun and she doesn't seem to mind. I think she actualy likes it. When my niece started school, she noticed that everyone was celebrating Christmas and asked her Dad about it. So you know, the following year, they had a Christms Tree - something about a Dad and his girls.

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to you!!

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Gnee, you have the best stories - thanks for sharing this one - it warms the heart.

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thank you!

(great story Gnee!)

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Happy belated Birthday Gabrielesgarden! Usually when someone has a b.d. on a holiday or close to it, they get short-changed out of gifts. But just think, one day when you are older, you won't mind this because you won't want people to bring up that you are having another b.d.. Well, I am 62 y.o. and still haven't reached that time, lol!


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Thanks K-J and pris. Now if only I could write one worth publishing!! Seriously though, family gatherings are important to me, especially when the kids are young. So when my nephew didn't want to celebrate Christmas, I was devastated. But, as I said, his little one just charmed him into it.

Eloise - never thought of it that way - pretty smart thinking!! FYI, from your picture, you must be 62yy (years young)!

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Happy belated birthday! What a great day to have a birthday.

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My husband's birthday (God rest his soul) was the 24th. The year we got married, I gave him his first birthday party ever. He knew he would get one less Christmas present because of it, but that was o.k. We started having his party in July, and it was a very good time!

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