HELP!!!!Raining on newly painted roof

gardenjewelNovember 17, 2009


I hired someone to apply white koolseal to my tin roof....He only was going to apply one coat, and did not quite finish so he will have to come back. However, That night we had heavy dew and low temps (45 degrees) The next morming the moisture comming off the roof was white and milky. The following day it rained and the dripping water was still white and milky. The product did not set completely. Am I right in thinkng this paint job is ruined even though it still looks like the roof has been painted.I think the integrity of the coating is now gone. Please help me. I would like some information or advice to prove that this job needs to be redone or that it at least needs another coat if he objects. I have photos that I can email. This is my first house and I have only onwed it for 2 months. I am uncertain about my next step. I will talk to the handyman tonight but was hoping for some advice first

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It should be fine with another coat unless there are areas where the water got underneath causing blistering. This takes an up close inspection and is remdied by pin-holing the blister to allow the water to escape and letting it dry. If you dont feel confident about the installers integrity, get an un-biased opinion from a friend or family member, or someone reputable that can do a thorough inspection.

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Thanks...that gives me hope that not all is lost!

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elsastomeric should be applied when temps are at least 65 degrees.this information is on the bucket of elastomeric.
these products should be installed at correct temps and when there are no chance or rain.
you may have to wait and re-do when temps are higher and chances of rain are few.
usually one coat is installed mid morning (when dew is dried on roof) and the final coat in mid afternoon.
also elastomeric requires two coats applied in opposite directions. on a tin roof the first coat goes across ridges in tin, second coat goes in same direction as ridges.
post your pics, and read the install directions on the
container. your handyman should have read before installing.

best of luck

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