Best way to repair/install attic vent baffles (air chutes)?

sawtoothNovember 8, 2005

Many of the soffit vent baffles (air chutes?) inside our attic have cracked or come loose. Also, not enough were installed when the house was built. What is the best way to get them back in place or replace them from inside the attic?

We have a bunch of blown-in fiberglass insulation and I want to avoid compressing it when working in the tight space (angle of roof and ceiling joists) to get the baffles back in place. Does it work to use a board or something to lay on or should I just try and balance on the ceiling joists?

Any and all tips on how to do this are greatly appreciated!

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Get some new chutes and a good staple gun. Possibly a hardhat to keep from sticking your head with roofing nails,A few wide boards that span at least 2 ceiling joists so you can lay on them and a LOT of patience.

Yank out the cracked ones and try restapling the loose ones. The fiberglass will decompress after you get off of it. It ain"t a fun job I've done it in 2 houses now. Ended up with a few nail sticks in my head. First time I did i was in my late 20's Didn't bother me much then, except the fact it was a low pitched hip roof. Did it again last year at a different house, and i'm in my late forty's, bothered me a lot that time. Takes a lot of flexability to do it. It's a big pain in the a-s job but it needs to be done.

Don't try straddling ceiling rafters. Just asking for more work (foot through ceiling)

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