The holidays and being alone

kayjonesDecember 20, 2013

I just wanted to say, from all of us in the 'alone club', Happy Holidays! I know, from personal experience, what it's like to be lonely, even with a thousand things to do - just keep busy, if you can.

Find someone who needs a friend and spend time with them. I extend my heartfelt love to each of you for 'hanging in there', although I know it's tough.

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I am alone and very lucky in the sense that I don't care. I don't enjoy the family I have here, the friends are nice, but had rather be alone. The only thing I hate about is that everyone feels sorry for me when they find out I will be alone. I don't usually mention it.

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Emma, I feel the same as you - but miss the wonderful times we had when my husband was with me - the holidays were a big deal back then. Now, I have my grandkids and stepson - the only family I have nearby. I don't do anything with friends at all.

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Kay when I look back on those times they were wonderful, but death, divorces and not visiting changes people. We lose the bond we had and sometimes I am not sure we even had a bond. We just had parents in common and that's it.

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