Draperies: reverse construction?

andee_gwJuly 27, 2008

I'm making two sets of draperies at my home and then hanging them in a house in another state. I will also install the rods at the same time. I can't be sure of the exact measurements for the rod-to-floor now but I know them within an inch or two.

I suppose I could wait to hang them, and then put in the hem in both the fabric and the lining. But I wonder if I could hem them now, and then when the rods are installed, turning over the top to make the header and casing (taking into account the pattern at the top)?

Any advice or thoughts on pitfalls with this method? Will this work all right or is normal construction better? Thanks!

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Make them longer, hang rod higher if too long.

Are the window an average height?

If you buying or renting can you have someone email the measurements?

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Heck why not just take the easy way out and make them 6 or 8 inches longer and let them puddle a little bit. Saves them from looking like they were ordered from Penney's or something equally grizzly. (grin) Don't forget the RETURN (where the drape returns to the wall and wraps around the bracket). Usually brackets have a place to take a hook for this purpose, but if not, an eye hook set into the wall will do nicely. Makes your installation look totally finished and professional, too. One more tip? When you've hung your drapes open them fully, and then pleat them by and. Tie scraps of fabric around the pleated drape to hold it in place and let it sit for about 2 weeks or longer. (Longer is better.) The pleats will be smooth, gentle and never fall out! Fabric has a "memory" and when set this way, only the pleats and folds you've put there will forever be remembered. This is how a 'pro' finishes their installation. (Sadly, most customers are too anxious to use the drape to wait the two weeks. We throw in Roller Shades with every drapery order, so they can have privacy while letting their new drapes "set" and "take" the perfect pleating. We charge a whole lot for this little trick, but be my guest. It works better than steam pressing them in place! Honest!!

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