lemonademanJuly 12, 2012

So I just bought this house, and I really like the layout and the inside of the house. However, I cant stand the concrete paint outside. I would love to paint it a different color, and so I need some ideas. I would also love to paint the brick below, but I know people freak out over that. Any ideas? Please help! So clueless at this stuff.

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If it were mine, I'd paint it SW greige which is gray and beige together, very appealing and then do the trim i BM black seal. I'd paint the brick the same tone as the concrete. It will still read as brick but be more cohesive. If you google greige houses you can go to Google Image and see a few. Love the house btw.

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I'd consider painting it (yes, the brick, too) Edgecomb Gray, or if you wanted something darker, Revere Pewter, and paint the trim glossy Garrison Red, all from the B. Moore Historic colors.

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You've got a nice house that just needs some tweaking in curb appeal. I'll just start off by asking what the others will. Is the roof color staying the same? What are your plans for landscaping? Are you going to have a lawn or stick with stone. Right now the only contrast you have is all that grey and the red brick. I can't figure out what's going on in that area by the car port. Is there another door back there or is that part of the fence? Unless you really, really need it, I'd remove that car port. I'd also remove that little brick wall across the front. They both detract from the look of the house.
Why is the brick on either side of the garage partially covered? Can you show us a picture of your front door area that's shadowed in this picture? If this were my house, I'd get a local architect to come out on an hourly basis and tell me what my options were. When we bought our house there was an addition where the previous owners had put clapboard half way up and then stuccoed above. We removed the clapboard since the rest of the house was plastered stone. Of course, that involved redoing the stucco on those walls from the ground up. You could paint, whitewash or even put clapboard or a stone veneer over your brick. A stone veneer might look nice. It would give you some texture and break up the look of all that stucco. You could pull out some colors from the stone work for your paint and trim. I'd definitely ask an architect what he thought.

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Do you have any other pictures that show the door area not in shadow? Does that little carport thingy have to stay?
Before you paint have you thought about doing some masonry surrounds around the windows to give them some meat? Can the gutter be redone so it does not do that strange little zig right in the front of the house? I'm asking these questions not to be rude...your house is very nice. I'm asking because if you really want some curb appeal a coat of paint will not bring the house up to it's full potential. It really wouldn't take much but it's all in those pesky little details.

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I think it's fine, but I'd put shutters on the windows so the house won't look too stark.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I can understand why you don't like the gray. i don't like it either. And while others are recommending greige, to me it's too much like what is there now and I'd want something different.

I see a light shade in the that an ivory? If so, I would leave the brick and paint the house an ivory color (with a yellowish undertone like BM pale almond or BM spanish white). I'd then continue with the brick color on the front door (if I could see it).

I wouldn't do shutters at all.

The rest of the softness for the house could come with relandscaping including getting control of those bushes in the front covering those windows.

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I was thinking along the same lines as Annie that it should be painted something that picks up the light colors you see in the brick.
The only thing I find jarring in the photo is your garage door. If you don't paint anything else, paint the garage door the color of your gutters/trim (are they dark gray?).

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Ok, this is what I would do. Sorry it's a bit messy and wingywong. I would spring for some masonry work banding and surrounds (especially around the windows). I would choose a nice green (not this green but there are some really nice ones). Next I would paint the surrounds and banding in a white paint with gray in it in an effort to tie in the lightish gray of the roof. I would do low plantings on the front high side of the house and a tall grouping of trees on the short side to balance it all out.

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I forgot to mention I would paint the garage a very very light shade of the green.

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Swimming upstream as I often do, I still vote for painting the brick. A house that is brick below and painted above always looks like a camper top to me.

Your house has a very well-proportioned post-modern facade, and I'd think twice before I tried to turn it into something else with trims and anything but a simple color scheme. I do vote for painting the garage door into the wall, too.

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Here ya go. This is with the bottom brick painted which turns the house into something else...but nice. I would keep the banding if its in budget, it is not normally greatly expensive. I don't think I like the door color I put on though. Don't have time to change it.

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P.S it looks like you already have the white banding on the bottom so you will save some money there.

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Paint the whole house -- including the brick in pale gray or fresh white.

Add gutters along the front peaks of the roof.

Paint the front door in fresh high-gloss white.

Add modern-style large lighting.

Check drainage in the front yard -- and explore xeriscaping with oriental type gardens.

Add modern fountain to front yard.

The carport might prove useful as a storage facility if you add modern lattice (painted white) to the front and sides.

Just some thoughts!

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Gray with no banding or window surrounds, white door. I don't like this.

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I think adding bolder trim or even modern shutters would go a long way. Right now, the house seems almost institutional and needs a bit more interest.

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Hmmmmm ... seeing the virtual above -- how about adding wide flat plain white border (against the gray paint) around each window?

Of course -- re-doing the landscaping would make a huge difference too ....
And adding the visual height of a modern fountain would help too...
Perhaps consider adding a walkway next to the driveway ... maybe flat stones set in a bed of peagravel?

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Lets think of a color that is not gray maybe? What other colors would look good? I think the house does not want to be a cool cool shade and wants something on the mid-warm defused side. But what? What ever the color I think white, off white or light house tint banding and surrounds is in order.
Calling lemonademan...hellooo...what colors are in your neighborhood??? Are we playing this game without you lol?

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If you are not going to paint the brick, I would paint the stucco a very warm beige so that it blends better. I would put a pot of shade loving plants by the door and paint the door a welcoming color, like a pale aqua. Would definitely paint the garage door to match the stucco and take down the car port. If you have to keep the car port, then yes, add lattice. You can get pressure treated lattice that will last if it is in a solid frame.

Agree with taking down the skimpy brick fence and adding some plants smaller than the overgrown stuff that is in front of the house now.

It is a very nice house and looks spacious. Congrats on your purchase!

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Here's a color that has gray in it (BM horizon gray) except it has a little more life to it. I'm not keen on the trim color though but maybe something close and a little more modern. Maybe a gray white cream-ish.

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ok maybe it's the benedryl talking but i see tudor elements in your house. and since i love tudor i'd play that up with dark wood beams and trim. i think i'd like the concrete to be painted cream and leave the brick. add lush round bushes and climbing stuff on arbors and such.

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My problem with any shade of gray is that the yard is mostly gray gravel. Gray just makes the house blend into the yard.

I like the suggestions of ivory or green. I'm pretty hopeless at suggesting colors; I tend to go with "Pick a color you like!" But I'd choose something that contrasts with all the gray in the yard, not something that blends in.

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I agree with the gray-nay-sayers. Gray works well in a foggy region, but it repels the sunlight and looks very harsh on that house. Ditto the gravel front yard.

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So I forgot that I posted for help, and I am so glad I remembered. Thank you everyone for your tips!! I removed the bushes in front of the house. That was a good step. To answer some questions. The house has a bright red front door. I dont mind the carport, and i want to turn that side yard into a place to park toys in case I ever get some.
I really want to do stone veneer over the brick. I am also thinking of painting the house tan. I didnt really think about painting the garage but I can? As far as landscape, I live in Mesa AZ, so plants arent really an option. They all die in the summer. What does everyone think about the brick? Keep it and match the paint? Paint the brick? Or put in fake stones? So many options!! And I dont know about shutters. Maybe.

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Annie Deighnaugh

No shutters.
Keep the brick.
Paint the house to coordinate with the brick...including paint the garage door.

Then check out xerascaping and find some desert plants that won't die but will add a touch of green to the exterior...I mean the bushes survived, right?

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I would have to see an example of the stone veneer you have in mind, but that sounds like an interesting idea. I'm not crazy about the color of the brick, so painting it or covering it up both sound like good options. I also like the idea of a tan paint since you don't like the current gray. Sounds like you're on the right track!

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