For Candler: It tastes like dirt, and I like it! :o)

mjmercerDecember 30, 2005

Hello Gene and other coffee talkers. My friend Johanna gave me a gift card to the super-expensive grocery store across the street. Usually I walk in, look at all the pretty things, then laugh and walk out when I see how much it all costs. lol

So the gift card has been a fun toy for me. Yesterday I used it to buy a half-pound of Intelligentsia coffee, a varietal called Rwanda Musasa. It's an African coffee (duh). Earthy, with what I'd describe as a medium body. Not light like Central American coffees. Not sharp or smoky like a French Roast. I realized that it tastes sort of like dirt to me.....and that I like that! lol

That's my holiday coffee report. Gene, my friend Johanna received a gift of the same German offee that you'd recently purchased. Have you tried yours yet? I've gotta get Johanna to brew some for me. She says it's some of the best coffee in the world. That's some endorsement!

Yours in coffee,


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Good Morning, Karen. Taste like dirt, huh? I definitely wrote down the name and now have it on my "to try eventually" list. I just posted a note in the other topic. I'll appreciate you reading. Is Johanna looking for any more friends. I've walked by "super expensive" places but my body just will not make the left or right hand turn that takes me to the door. I wonder why that might be.

Karen, I thought I had reduced my coffee inventory to a point whereby I could test coffee a little better. Then I get more. I still have a Mexican and Brazilian (sp?) along with the other six. Like I said before I need to open my own coffee house. Speaking of that, I've gotten semi-accustom to visiting Port City Java two or three times a week. I usually get their house blend which isn't bad at all. I've not asked if it has a brand name.

I'll have to pass this along since you mentioned dirt. When the kids were young (youngest will be 38 next month) and were around 10 or so one of their little girl friends came to me and said "Mr. ........, I'm just as plain as dirt". I didn't ask what she meant but felt she was saying she was down to earth and very basic in her speaking and actions. She spoke with a strong, but beautiful, Southern Accent. Although I've been told I don't come across that way to others I've always felt I was influenced by her statement and that I've tried to speak and conduct myself in that manner - plain as dirt.

For whatever it's worth this young lady put herself through college and got two degrees. She has her Masters in one of them. I haven't talked to her in a long, long time. I wouldn't be surprised if this "plain as dirt" child has her Ph.D.

Best regards, Karen. I wish you and all a great 2006. Gene

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If I posted about my Foldgers half decaf.. Would I be kicked off this board?? ;)

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Ditto Jazzie -

Enough with the coffee already. Can we just change the subject? I'm probably toast too.
Oh well.


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Candler, I study dirt for a living. It is actually extremely complex, just looks plain. Dirt plain is a great compliment to me, simple on the surface, a world unto itself if you take the time to get to know it.

I was reading an article today about Rawandan coffee. It was about the role of coffee growing in the economic aspects of rebuilding society there. Of course coffee politics is also a whole other world.

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Sure, you can change the subject. Start your own thread. You know how to do that, right?

Karen, currently enjoying a cup of Peru Cruz del Sur

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lpink, have you heard about that super-expensive coffee that comes from the, um, back end of some animal on the other side of the earth? They collect the you-know-what, put it through some kind of sanitation and refinement process, and sell it in the form of coffee beans, for some ung*dly amount of money.

Coffee people insist that it's perfectly safe to drink. But this is a bit much even for me! lolol

Karen, looking forward to tomorrow's cup of Rwanda Musasa

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mjmercer -
You really know how to make a newbie to this forum welcome. I only suggested something besides coffee would generate more interest from other singles who lurk and perhaps liven up this board.
"Start your own thread. You know how to do that, right?"

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That's what individual threads are for. As for welcoming a newbie, I felt the same way about your "can't we change the subject" comment.

Some of us have had quite a nice time discussing the merits of various coffee beans. If you'd rather not participate, you don't have to. If you'd rather discuss something else, you certainly have the option of starting your own thread.

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I have seen the dung coffee thing.. Euwww.. You couldn't pay me.. I can't remember where I saw that segment on t.v. though..

Ohh.. One time I bought a whole bean bag.. And I got up to find my ex boyfriend had done me a "favor" and ground all my beans that morning... So I wouldn't have to do it everyday... lol

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Can resist asking if that's one of the reasons he's an *EX* boyfriend? :o)


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Helpful fellow.

I might like the aforementioned coffee, not the monkey flavored one, the other one. I'll keep an eye out for it on my travels.

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You know he was nice but had a lot of growing to do.. After we broke up I saw him... He told me he was getting married.. And I said that is nice, do your parents like her?? He said "Yes because she takes care of me..." He still lived at home and his Mom still made his bed, cleaned his room, and did his laundry.. At 37.... Ya, he just wasn't my guy...

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Just had to respond about the little coffee pooping animal. It's the Civet is an interesting site about it. Especially note the price.....

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Wow!....I wander in here, because it's a dismal rainy day and while there is a funeral I probablky should be going to, it's just too dismal!
And....I find all these cooking friends here.....and talking about coffee!
I am sort of a coffee snob, in that I want it so strong that most people who are guests in my home run for the milk carton or the faucet! LOL! And the pot must be clean clean clean! But my daily dose is a couple of pods of Douwe Egbert dark roast....
I know, I am a philistine!...but I did recognize the wonderful brew served at the safari camp in Kenya!
Linda C

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Hello, Karen and Others. I just finished the last of the Dallmayr Prodomo. My personal taste rates it about a 6.5. Rather full bodied. As we've said before what might be highly acceptable to one might not be to another. Also, enjoyment could be if one is drinking it by itself; with dinner; a desert; or cigarette (I quit in 1990 but still remember); sitting alone; or with someone. One could write a book about the last two.

I've started on Tchibo Exclusive. A little crisp and slightly bitter. Overall, not bad for my taste but probably too early to make judgement.

I enjoy the conversation in the Singles topic. I don't mean to hog it with coffee talk. The extraneous coffee beans are interesting. I mentioned it to someone and looked ill and said "you just don't want to go there".

I play golf about once a week. At times I do okay and other times not so okay. On the way to the course one of the foursome said "I wonder which golfer will show up today". He was speaking of himself because he, too, has good and bad days. Sometimes I wake up and wonder which personality will show up today. I had a little post holiday depression. I felt it would bring me out of it just to occasionally be with a lady companion who might offer or listen to an occasional comment. Later I saw Yahoo's personals and thought, why not. As I included in it, being 71, bald, and maybe a few other faults that come with age, the likelihood of finding a lady friend with similar interests was slim. So, that's it for the "single" talk.

Regards to all, Gene

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Gene, I love your posts that go on about everything and nothing. You always have something thoughtful and multi-faceted to add to this forum. I hope the Yahoo experience works out for you. If she weren't already "taken" I'd suggest that you correspond with someone from these very forums (no, not me...someone else! lol). Best of luck on making your wishes come true. And remember: spring begins next month!


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Gene, I had a very dear friend years ago who tragically lost his wife and was of course quite devastated. Finally he decided it was time to "get back on the horse" and start dating. He tried to keep a sense of humor about it. He told me, "I'm 55, and at my age there are ten single women for every single guy, and the older I get, the better the odds." I don't know where he got his statistics, but there's no doubt that the odds are in your favor. And the longer you stick around, the better they'll get, :-) I know some times it seems like there isn't anyone out there who's right for you, but plenty of single gals would enjoy going out with a 71 year old bald guy with a few faults. Although they may be 71 themselves, have thinning hair, and not be perfect. :-) But I hope you put in there that you can make a good cup of coffee!
Have fun!

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Good Morning, Everyone - Two days ago I went to buy a new all-in-one printer, fax, copier, and scanner. As it has been for five years I had no one with me to be a sounding board or advisor. I guess all of we "singles" identify with this, do we not? But, then again, maybe it's an age thing. Thanks to my wife I was sheltered from shopping for almost forty years. That will certainly spoil a guy. For all of us that must make all of the decisions, whether it's to go somewhere for dinner or stay home and clean the toilet, we deserve some type of recognition. From me I'm saying you're doing a great job.

Now about coffee. The most recent Consumer Report magazine had a few pages about coffee. They didn't get into the analytical end of whether it taste better when one is alone and drinking it or if they are with a good friend. Or, they didn't talk about the taste when consuming different foods. They did mention creme and the like will alter the flavor. I'll not get into their ratings, brands, or whatever. I thought I'd just mention their segment.

I appreciate the suggestion about making a decent cup of coffee. I'd like to do that but am unsure of myself and unsure if I would catch the other person at a time when their taste buds were in tune with what I made. I guess one just has to take a chance, don't they.

I hope 2006 has started well for everyone and hope it continues the same. Regards, Gene

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Gene, I just bought an all-in-one machine last month. Went with an HP 5610. I found consumer reviews at the website. It's a great resource when you're shopping for something new.

Of course, you can also order products from Amazon. But I recently had a horrendous experience with them -- the order never arrived, then they said it was lost, then they said they'd refund my credit card, then the item showed up two weeks later, and on and on and on gag me.

Long story short, I doubt if I will ever order from Amazon again because of their incompetence.'s still a great place to read what consumers think about individual products.

BTW, I ended up going to my local Office Depot to get my machine. I paid $149 and got a $30 rebate. I still haven't attempted the fax or scanning options. But it's been great for printing and copying.

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Good Morning, Karen. Sitting not more than ten feet from me is my unopened box containing an HP Officejet 5610. I bought it Feb 2, Thursday. And some people say mental telepathy doesn't work. Guess we showed them, huh? I got mine at Staples for $150. Found that CC had it for $137. I called and Staples they will give me $13. when I drop by. My brain waves must have been out of kilter, so to speak, when mentally reading about your rebate. I'm glad you got a better deal and am glad to hear you like it. I may hook mine up today. I have a six foot USB cable. I hope it's long enough.

For whatever it's worth my brother mentioned something when I commented the salesperson claimed initial cartridges are only about half full. He said it doesn't makes sense a company would do that. He said it would likely cost them more to try to half fill a cartridge than to fully fill it. Did your salesperson say anything about them?

Best regards, Gene

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I've occasionally lurked here, mainly to read the most thoughtful musings of Candler. I echo mjmercer's "I love your posts that go on about everything and nothing." At the risk of being admonished for not starting a new thread (no, I don't know how to do that yet), this is primarily to him.

I've vacationed many times and own property that is now for sale in Maggie Valley, so I'm familiar with your area. The last time I was in MV (last August), I was saddened to see that condos had been built on the golf course property. Progress? I think not. Your posts about driving in the mountains take me there again.

I enjoyed your story about the "plain as dirt" little girl and how you've tried to speak and conduct yourself in that manner. How refreshing!

I enjoy your tributes to your wife - sheltering you from shopping as an example. An almost 40 year marriage, particularly in this day and time, is to be envied.

Today you posted just what I needed to hear - "From me, I'm saying you're doing a great job." Thank you! Not only being single but self-employed, too, I recently yearned for somebody somewhere to say just that. I suspect we are kindred spirits.

I cannot imagine that you lack a lady companion since I've practically fallen in love with you via your words!

I suspect your 71 is a lot different than what 71 usually conjures up in people's minds. Your postings make you seem ageless and timeless.

Thank you for the GREAT job you do, sharing your thoughts in your most eloquent and uplifting way! And the next time I'm in MV, I want a ride in that Miata!

Bliss & blessings to all!


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Good Morning, Folks - Thanks for the compliments, Eclair. It's been so long since I've received one I hardly know what to say or how to react. A few years ago, while playing golf, I was about thirty feet off the green and chipped the ball into the hole for a birdie. The others in my foursome said a thing or two. I think they were offering a compliment.

I play at Maggie Valley Country Club about one a month, weather permitting. Yes, the condo buildings have taken away much of the natural beauty and I, too, think it's a shame. About five years ago I heard the course had been sold and was told that big changes were coming. I didn't know how big but at least it cushioned me for the shock. I can't imagine what returning visitors to the area might think. At least for the time being the back nine holes has retained its serenity. We'd better enjoy it because who knows what's down the road.

I turned in my tag and took insurance off my Miata but will reacquire them in May or June. Although there's occasional winter days one could drive with the top down there's just not that many. It will be my pleasure to take you for a drive should you come to MV this summer and/or fall. I've lived in Western North Carolina all of my life (so far). When gainfully emmployed I use to travel the thirteen counties that generally make up the area. That's not to say I know about a lot more places than one can derive from a brochure but I usually don't get lost.

I've had a chance to use my HP5610 and like it so far. It certainly has features I didn't expect. I did one picture and can't imagine their other printers doing better.

Someone was here and I gave them a cup of Tchibo Exclusive. They thought it was very good. I'm beginning to like it somewhat better than at the start.

I don't know if this is regionalized or not but when one's subjects jump around as they talk we call it rambling. I guess I'm pretty bad to ramble. If one goes overboard it's called "rambling on". So, for the time being, maybe I should take that as a self imposed suggestion.

For whatever it's worth the Grove Park Inn is trying to buy the central area of downtown Asheville to build highrises. I guess to them that's progress.

Regards to all, Gene

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Good Sunday Morning, Folks - I hate to follow up on my own note. Oh, well.

Yes, we have some snow in these Western North Carolina mountains. There's been so little this winter it seems refreshing. For years I would see my wife put on boots, coat, scarf, and hat just to walk thirty feet with a broom to sweep snow from beneath the bird feeder. She never asked me to. A few minutes ago I swept the snow as I've done for five years. I go as is although getting snow into the shoes is unconfortable. It takes a couple of minutes for birds to return to the swept area and seeing them makes it all worth while.

Trying to make things simple? A couple of weeks ago I went to WalMart and bought twelve pair of black socks; six pair of brown; and six pair of white. I took all of my old socks and put them in another drawer. Then I placed all blues in one bin of a drawer and all of the browns and white in another bin. So far it has done me well except I should have opted for more expensive socks. However, I have not tried to match a sock which was my goal. I wish all decisions were that simple. Yes, it did take me a long while to get around to this.

I did the Yahoo Personal I mentioned. Now I don't know what to do. It's a little entertaining. I have in my profile that I have no plans for marriage. I've read some of the women's profiles and think that would stop a few of them in their tracks if they had not already stopped.

I wish the ladies on this board a Happy Valentines Day. I hope the single life is working out well for you or that it is heading in that direction. Regards, Gene

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Happy Valentine's Eve to all! A thought to ponder this day:

If equal affection cannot be,
Let the more loving one be me.

~ W. H. Auden

Gene, I apologize for not responding to your post sooner.

For years, I've had both my local weather and Maggie Valley's weather on my home page, so I knew about the snow there. Seeing the low temperatures (26 a minute ago) makes me glad not to be there! It's 45 here now and quite cold enough.

How interesting to this South Georgia flatlander that the birds won't come to the feeder if there's snow beneath it. Do they just not see it against the backdrop of so much white? It has snowed here three times during my life. I was five the first time I saw snow, and I vividly recall Mama and I building a snowman, but that was the only time there was that much snow. Needless to say, the snowman didn't last very long.

Thanks for the heads-up about the sinister plans of Grove Park Inn. Surely there are other more appropriate sites for high- rises than downtown Asheville, but at least I won't be shocked some day to discover them.

My trips to WNC always include a stroll down Main Street in Waynesville. We had a nice lunch at Whitman's this past trip. I overheard a lady nearby say to her friend that if it kept being "this hot" (about 80 degrees), she was going to get her hair cut. Quite amusing to me, having been accustomed to high 90s for about three months and having gone there to cool off!

Ramble on! Rambling only becomes a problem when one tells the same snippet of information more than once in a ramble.

Simplicity tip: One can eliminate sock matching after laundering by having socks all of the same color, brand, and style.

Miscellaneous tip: Not all women are interested in marriage.

Abiding by the rules of the thread, I had a cup of Millstone Columbian Decaf coffee this morning. A connoisseur, I'm not.

Bliss & blessings to all!


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Hello, Ellen and Others. I appreciate the Auden verse. I admire those who can write a few words and stir thoughts in others. I propped my feet on the desk, leaned back, shut my eyes, and was in my analytical world for a little while.

South Georgia? I'm heading to TI in a few days. Don't know if I'll stay a week. I walk the beach and metal detect. Hope the wind stays calm.

Tip one is what I did. Tip two well taken.

"If it's true we are here to help Others, then what exactly are the Others here for?" Just one of those e-mail things, Folks.

I'm playing MV tomorrow. We've had 50's for a couple of days and hope the snow is gone.

There's a decent coffee house called Panecea (sp?) at Waynseville. Easy going atmosphere. Unique interior.

Karen, is the 5610 doing you well? I hope so. I've had a reason to use all functions. So far it seems to be all I expected.

I'll be trying the German Jacobs Kronung this evening. It's fun anticipating a new coffee.

I wish the best to all. Gene

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"If it's true we are here to help Others, then what exactly are the Others here for?"

HAHAHAHAHA! Gene, you made me laugh out loud, and that's pretty hard to do! Sometimes I feel my entire life consists of nurturing and picking up the pieces. Of course I brought some of it on myself: I've worked in a helping profession for 12 years and I have three cats and a dog. Amazing how time-intensive those little buggers can be. :o)

My neighbor Johanna cracked open the Dahlmeyer (sp?) coffee last week after dinner. OMG! That stuff is amazing!

My 5610 is doing a he!! of a lot better job for me than my previous Brother machine (aka piece of #$!!). The 5610 doesn't need a dedicated phone line. So yesterday, when I needed to fax something to my accountant I just plugged in the phone cord and went to town. I haven't tried the scanning function yet. I'm not very technically oriented. I figure I'm doing well if I master one task a week. lol The scanner can wait. No need to push my luck. lol

I'm off to Arizona next week for a quick 2-day R&R. My friends Mike and Wesla have a gig at a country club. *I* have some frequent flyer miles. I did the math on that one and came up with "winter break for Karen!!!" Short and sweet and just enough time to feel like I got away from it all.

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Very funny quote! And how strange - I ran across it in the last day or two but not in an e-mail. Sounds like either Jack Handey or Steven Wright. Here's a Jack Handey for you:

"Dad always thought laughter was the best medicine, which I guess is why several of us died of tuberculosis."

Tybee Island??? I've never been there. It's quite a long way from here, and quite a long way from WNC. Journey well and happy prospecting!

If you ever descend the mountains in the direction of Dillard, Georgia, I highly recommend eating at The Dillard House. But be hungry - I mean really hungry. The food they bring seems endless, and they bring everything they've prepared that day. No "ordering" per se. It's part of my usual trek to MV.

So I moved 506 bricks today. How exciting, huh? They were stacked against an out building I have which I refer to as "the cat house" because that's where the cats go when something spooks them, or when it's raining, or when it's really cold. Anyway, that building and the house are being pressured washed tomorrow, and restained shortly after that, thus the need to relocate the bricks.

And now a cup of coffee.

Bliss & blessings to all!


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"what are the others here for?"-- Charles Schultz via Lucy

Lucy: Why do you think we're put here on earth Charlie Brown?
Charlie Brown: To make others happy.
Lucy: I don't think I'M making anyone very happy. Of course nobody's making ME very happy either. SOMEBODY'S NOT DOING HIS JOB!

Lucy: I'm intrigued by this view you have on the purpose of life, Charlie Brown. You say we're put on this earth to make others happy? ... What are the others put here for?

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Hey, Quirk, thanks for posting that!

Just call me Lucy: "I don't think I'm making anyone very happy. Of course nobody's making ME very happy either. SOMEBODY'S NOT DOING HIS JOB!

Oh, well.


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Good Saturday Morning, Helen, Ellen, and Others. As I've said before, my wife kept me sheltered from shopping. For five years I've looked for loose fitting, wrinkle free, trousers to wear when playing golf or bumming around the house. On a shelf in a closet there must be ten new pair of trousers which I've bought thinking they would be what I wanted but were not. I'm reluctant to take things back. That's a pitfall of a widowed/single life, isn't it. I patronize decent stores and ask for a clerk's help. But, when I get the item home??? I think I'll start searching the Net. Maybe I can send things back via mail if they are not what I wanted.

I thought the discourse on why the "Others" are here was excellent. I had no idea it came from Charles Shultz. It reminded me a little of the "S.W.I.N.E."s from 'Lil Abner and a little when reading what was said about the "Schmoos". These are before your time. Sorry about that. Anyway, thanks to all for speaking up.

I went to Tybee Island. I did my metal detecting. I walked the beach. The whole thing was just a matter-of-fact venture - not good or bad. Once upon a time I could walk the beach at sunrise or sunset and have moments of euphoria. I guess these are gone forever.

For my taste Caribou coffee is pretty good. There's about five others which I rank fairly high. But, Folks, it all depends on the individual's taste; where it is being consumed; if one has a friend sitting at the table; and so on. Don't you think so?

We've had some nice days in the mountains but now it's cold. While warm I thought of taking the Miata out of mothballs but my plan was to wait until June 1 and I guess I'll stick with it.

For whatever it's worth I watched Celtic Woman on PBS. If you haven't seen it I recommend you do.

Regards to all, Gene

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"Once upon a time I could walk the beach at sunrise or sunset and have moments of euphoria. I guess these are gone forever." Say it "ain't" so - that feeling can't leave us! No! My favorite beach (and eating establishment there) has been calling me lately. Tentative plans to go next weekend. I like the beach in the winter and the mountains in the summer.

"I'm reluctant to take things back." Must be a guy thing. Daddy wouldn't return things either. I never hesitate, though. Sending things back via mail gets to be quite an annoyance and expensive, too. Maybe one of your daughters could assist you in getting just the right fit??? I'll bet she would be more than happy to help.

I have a contract on my MV property. Feeling ambivalent about it. I don't like change.

Our weather is alternating spring and winter, too. My friend in Texas said it was 100 degrees there one day this week.

Hoping everyone's journey unfolds gently!


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Good Afternoon, Ellen and All. As I was inputting personal data so I could post this note I looked at the bottom page. It was all about Tybee Island businesses. Go figure.

Ellen, are you heading there? Just what is your favorite eating place. On the island they are limited. We ate at a place called The Grill; at another place on a corner that serves breakfast and lunch but that's it; and another place whose name I also cannot remember. We did get pizza delivered once. We utilized the IGA deli a good bit.

No sightseeing in Savannah. On the whirlwind trip to near Orlando to look at a lot and trailer we (my oldest daughter and I) did stop about 10PM in Savannah on the way back. Most interesting was a band rehearsing on the second floor. I think they call it tough metal; hard metal; or something like that. Being I rarely go out of the house I found it interesting.

I'm glad you've got the MV contract. I thought of asking about it but I'm usually looking for something I can buy below market and resell pretty fast. Property also has to be in the $50-$75K range.

Thanks for the advice on returning things. The children are decent and would return things if I asked. I feel their time is more valuable than mine and I just don't ask.

My statement about loosing the ability to find a moment or two of euphoria is a serious issue with me. I can count, in mini-seconds the very few times in the past year. And, no, it has nothing to do with sex. It is when the mind and body makes an internal statement that everything is okay with you and life. One time I remember well. It was my last day of college in 1960 (I was in Korea before then). I was a senior. There was a wall where many of us sat, drank colas, and passed time. I had more than 30 hours above my graduating requirements but they were not lined up. I needed one class of many to finish.

It was a warm spring day. I sat on the wall and watched as people left. I would hear someone hollar out "See you next semester, Gene" as they drove away. I'd wave. I sat for around three hours and there were no more cars coming by; no one hollaring to me; and people had locked the buildings and were gone. It was so quiet one could hear a pin drop. I had already decided I would not return for the one class. My days of sitting on the wall and long discussions with others were gone. I was sad but an internal feeling came about making me feel everything was okay in my life. It was very euphoric. I've wanted to relive those moments but it's never to be.

Yes, folks, that's a little long, huh? Are you telling me to get a life? I wish all well. Gene

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Greetings Gene and Everyone!

That bottom of the page thing that you mentioned, just now there were ads about MV. That's weird.

I'm very glad that my neighbor in MV is buying my property. Ambivalent because I'm never sure if I'm making the right decision or even the best decision. I'm much better at procrastination, having taken six years to get to this point. It's about the end of a dream, finally closing a chapter, whatever.

I've never been to TI or Savannah even. I would want to eat at Paula Deen's restaurant, The Lady & Sons, if I ever went to Savannah, though. I enjoy seeing her on TV.

I'm making a quick weekend trip to my favorite beach which on the Gulf coast. I like to eat at Picolo's in Grayton, and Pompano Joe's in Destin is good, too.

I understood the euphoria you spoke of as being a spiritual thing -- that feeling of effortless harmony with all that is, that inner certainty that all is as it should be, that assurance of being in step with God or Spirit or the universe, that flood of peace. I don't think we "do" anything that creates that, but I think it occurs when we just "be", if that makes any sense. In other words, maybe you're trying too hard. Think back to that time on the wall - "internal feeling came about" - no effort on your part was required.

Gene, if you're not a writer, you should be! If not books, I hope you're a journaling person.

Bliss & Blessings, All!


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Good Sunday (12th) morning, Ellen. Well, it looks like you and me maintaining a topic, huh? Pompano Joes at Destin? If it's the place I'm thinking about I like to eat out back next to the railing if the sun is not too strong. With the tall tables and chairs it's fun to look down below and watch the boats come in. And, they have absolutely the best crab cakes, anywhere! If it's raining or the sun is too hot it's nice for them to have the covered porch next to the open one. Is this the place to which you refer? If not, needless to say I recommend it. I'm trying to go to the Destin area in May.

As I've probably posted before I had and still have the ambivalent feeling about selling my mountain place in Haywood County (Maggie Valley, Waynesville, Clyde, Canton). I'm still looking for another place just to have somewhere to go. I can definitely identify with your feelings. I hope you can work it out in your mind better than I have.

Before my wife died she and I visited Savannah several times. We may have dined at one of the places you mentioned. I pay little attention to restaurant names unless the atmosphere and/or food is so outstanding it somehow registers in my brain.

About the euphoria thing I can't say if it's related to God or a Devine Being. For some I think it might be generated a little by things druggies use. I believe they keep thinking the permanent feeling of euphoria is out there some where. I've never tried it but have to admit that in past times I did enjoyed a cold beer or a mixed drink. I recognized those could affect one's thinking but it didn't come anywhere close to what we're talking about.

I think one has to be unburdened (if there's such a word) of pressures. Even at my age I'm still trying to be a little productive and am involved in a small real estate development. I have five years of basic neglect of my house. And so on and so on. I doubt I can find a euphoric moment or two with these hanging over my head. Maybe one day.

I entered a yoga class a few years back. It wasn't at the proper time of day and I quit. But, in retrospect, I don't know what the proper time of day might be. I glance at headlines when an article speaks of reducing pressures and/or creating a more harmonious mental attitude. I don't see how one can be productive and utilize their advice at the same time. Oh, well.

Guess I've spoken too long as usual, Ellen. Maybe I've run off the others. I hope not. I'm beginning to like Caribou a little more for my afternoon coffee. I think there's more to it than one might think in that having a cup of coffee with a friend/companion almost makes the coffee taste better. What do you think?

Regards to all, Gene

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I'm still here, Gene. Just haven't had much worthwhile to say lately. Running two businesses and hoping that one of them actually makes money sometime soon! :o)

I have to take a little of the contrarian point of view. There have been very few friends in my life who made an experience more meaningful for me. I have spent most of my life by myself. So that state of being is probably a little more natural and tolerable for me than it is for others.

I was treated to another serving of Dahlmeyer coffee on Friday night. Oh my, that's some good stuff!

Gene, how's your HP 5610 working out? I finally figured out how to scan and fax. I am woman, watch me fax! lol


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Hello again.

Gene, the place you're speaking of must be near the bay and on 98, west of where Pompano Joe's is on Scenic 98. One can't see boats coming in from PJ's. I know the general area you're speaking of, though. On a prior trip, we had lunch at a place where we chose to sit on the covered deck in back where we could see boats coming in. (They served daiquiris topped with whipped cream and cherries.) You could see the catch-of-the-day fresh off the boats walking along the continuous decks/docks.

My trip was wonderful and just the break I needed. I hope you enjoy your upcoming trip, too.

I like the idea and even the sound of unburdened. Not unburdened in the sense of having all our tasks completed because when would that ever be??? But in the sense of mentally slowing down to be in the moment, without thoughts of the past or thoughts of the future, letting the mind rest.

"I don't see how one can be productive and utilize their advice at the same time." I've been in a quandry about that for quite some time.

Now that you mention it, coffee with my neighbor/friend on the balcony at the beach was much better than coffee at home alone.

Restaining of trim on house was completed this week. Had hoped it might also deter carpenter bees who feed on cedar, making a design reminiscent of Swiss cheese that restainer guy called character.

Bliss & Blessings,


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Good Sunday Morning, Ellen, Karen, and Folks - I suppose I'm one of a very few who have ever been stung (bitten?) by a carpenter bee. They are very docile and circumstances have to be rare for them to do such a thing. I was on a ladder changing a light sensor and bulb in a security light for someone. The entire light assembly had loosened over years and I wanted to make it more secure. While initially climbing the ladder I observed a few holes and saw one or two bees around.

Moving along, I needed some leverage to tighten the bolts. I leaned against the roof's facia board. Well, all, guess what slse I leaned against. You're right. I suppose the bee allowed me enough time to get the screws tightened but I always do an overkill and took longer. And, I guess it was wanting out of its hole. It didn't take me long to let it. It got me on the upper arm which turned a little red. It wasn's as bad as hornets and yellow jackets. As a matter of fact it wasn't as bad as a bumble bee but I suppose we can get different strengths of stings. Maybe it just wanted to give me a nudge.

Ellen, the second place you mentioned sounds exactly like where we went. I think it's between Destin and Ft Walton Beach. I hope to make it back. This time I hope to stay in the Navarre Beach area. I hope hurricanes haven't damaged it too much. My traveling companion is my oldest daughter. She's married and my grandson is 23. Her husband doesn't mind her "looking after Dad". Because of age there is a comfort factor having someone travel with me.

Karen, we are what we are. At home I'm okay to drink my coffee alone. I imagine I've just become accustom to it which you eluded to. Still, if I go out to a coffee house, for example, and meet anyone, especially a lady, who will talk the coffee seems to taste better. I may have to analyze this a little further and see if it is the post coffee moment I reflect on which conjures (congers sp?) up my favorable remembrance of coffee flavor? The mind does strange things, doesn't it.

I suppose we all are searching for something but some of us have lesser time to find it. At a time I was aware of euphoria because I experienced it more often. Sometimes it would just be there. Now I spend time hoping it might return at least for a momeent or two. It's like looking for the inevitable needle in a haystack. If time allows I plan to change my life style and attitude. I may start taking trips by myself. I've seen time where there's a certain amount of pleasure just being by oneself.

Karen, your contrarian point of view is well taken. Admittedly, the circumstances you portrayed made me feel sad and I wish I was nearby just drink coffee with you.

The 5610 is doing well. To copy keep the type up, place it on the top tray, push it a little to the left, and press the start and black buttoms. I suppose you already knew this by reading directions. I didn't. I copied several clear sheets before learning. I found one doesn't to access their computer program each time something is done. It can all be done from the printer providing one knows what to do. Hmmmmmmm! Maybe I will get out my owner's manual.

I hope life is good for All and your future is even better. Gene

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I had never even heard of carpenter bees until I moved into this house which has cedar trim. I hear that there was once a chemical that was quite effective at killing them, but it was banned long ago. I've observed them to be docile, too (I just go about my business while they're flying around overhead), so thank you for alerting me to your stinging incident.

At the beach last weekend, we saw some yet to be repaired damage from Hurricane Ivan which was in 2004 - some walkways onto the beach and one house.

In another life, traveling alone often allowed me to clear my head, so to speak. For the past six years, my traveling companion has most often been a friend from "junior high" (now known as middle school, I think). We get together
usually twice a year but talk on the phone at least weekly. She moved to Texas 30 years ago, but we've shared our lives as if we were next-door neighbors. I'm alone so much in my day-to-day life that I don't care to travel alone anymore. It's actually probably not a good idea nowadays for anyone to travel alone. We joke that we don't travel alone because we're afraid we'll be kidnapped and sold into a certain kind of slavery. (I didn't say it was a good joke.)

Speaking of "old" friends - aren't they just the best? They know everything about you because they lived it with you so no explanations are necessary. I have two others - one I met in first grade and one I met in second grade - that I keep in touch with. They both still live here. Recently my friend from first grade told a third party how long we had known each other. That person was just completely astounded which astounded us for a moment because we previously thought nothing of it. In such a mobile society, I guess we are really lucky. I'm very blessed and deeply thankful for my three best friends.

Until next time, happy trails!!!


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Good Sunday (March 25th) Morning, Everyone. About coffee? A relative gave me a Black and Decker "Home Cafe" coffee maker for my birthday anniversary. I've read the box but it remains unopened. I've a question, or two, to ask if you have one. I suppose first is that I'm completely surprised it will only use "pods", if that's what they are called. In other words a few companies like B&D, Folgers, and Millstone have a small variety of coffees they put in sealed packs. When one has the Home Cafe they have to buy one of their coffees. It does not have a place to put a filter and coffee grounds.

This item heats water higher than average and works under pressure. That might be why pods rather than an open coffee container is used. I wonder if anyone has come up with a reusable pod in which one could put coffee of choice?
The unit will make a 7, 9, and 14 oz cup of coffee. I don't know if it weakens as the size increases. It makes a single cup and will facilitate a tall travel mug. The hotter water will make better coffee, I'm told. And, it will hold 34 ounces of water or enough for a few days. I'll appreciate any comments/ideas.

About being single. A couple of weeks ago I had a rather brief face to face discussion with a lady. She's 65, widowed. Within the next couple of weeks we spoke by phone a few times. This past week we went to lunch at an Italian place. Pizza and salad was okay for both of us. To spend a little more time together we drove around and I went by my place. She wanted to see it. I informed her I wasn't a housecleaner but we went inside. We talked for a while and without my knowledge my oldest daughter stopped by to show me one of her Great Dane pups. We all talked a while longer and took her home.

I called three days later and left a message on the answering machine. She hasn't called. Yes, I'm disappointed and but being 72 I'll get over it. I have a couple of lady friends but this was my first attempt in several years to try to know someone new. Oh, well. At our ages one would think she should have the courtesy to say why she doesn't wish to go out again. But, it could be she feels it might embarass me to say she heard my dentures clicking or that my deodrant was not working. I suppose I could hire out as Cyrano de Bergerac.

About life. I imagine most of us have our times when, lying in bed, we try to sleep but the brain is racing or something is going on and we couldn't buy a relaxing moment to finally rest. So, we turn on the radio or TV.

The other evening I turned on the radio and caught part of a song. "I hope you get a chance to live like you were dying". I think the song is of someone with a terminal illness. This person begins to do things he's always wanted to do like sky dive and other things a little out of the main stream for most of us.

I wrote down what the guy said in the initial statement. I think I've said before I admire those who can say a few words and cause another to think. Although his statement is not earth shattering it does make me think. I'll pass on the sky diving but will retain the thought it presents. After five years of being alone maybe this will be the year I will organize the house. Clearing things out will definitely give me more peace of mind. Maybe it will cause me to begin living a little. A problem comes up is that although I have three children and some grandchildren I still do about everything alone and certainly feel alone. In order to "live like I was dying", which in reality all of us should think about, I don't know what I will do. Being that you're basically in the same boat, regardless of age, what would you do? What will you do?

Happy Trails To You - Until We Meet Again? Thanks for reminding me, Ellen. I liked it when Roy and Dale the song. I hope everyone is well and life is going better than you expected. Gene

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Aw, rats, Gene. If you still want to explore something with this lady then I hope you hear from her. If not, well, it's never wrong to try or to hope.

Me, I have my sights set on a birthday trip to southern California. Getting a fairly hefty tax refund this year so I'm using that to finance a mini-trip down memory lane...visit all my old haunts, stop by for a chat with my old roommates, just generally recharge my batteries for a few days. I'm thinking of taking my little dog Emma with me. I've never travelled with a pet so I'm not sure if it's the best thing to do. Anybody here ever fly with a small dog? Care to share how the experience went? BTW, this little girl would go under the seat in front of me -- that's the only way I would ever consider taking her.


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Gene, that relative must not know of your taste-all-the-coffees-on-earth quest. That B&D Home Cafe will severely limit your choices.

Interesting question - what would you do? Reminds me of a friend who once said she was going to skydive after her son graduated from high school. (She wouldn't risk it before then!) Well, he has graduated from high school and college and graduate school, and she still hasn't done it.

Many, many years ago, I said to now ex-husband that I would like to participate in a particular 5K run/walk. Let me say that I am not a runner. He said to me, "Why? You can't win." Let me say that I am not competitive. To me, it had nothing to do with winning. It was merely about participating. I forgot about it for years -- until last year. Last year, I did participate in that particular 5K run/walk. I came in next to last. My friend came in last. We wanted to distinguish ourselves somehow. It was merely about participating and completing it. And we did just that.

Daddy and I went on a hot air balloon ride for his 75th birthday. Not something that was on my list of things to do before I die necessarily, but it was about the only thing unique enough for the occasion.

I've always wanted to swim with dolphins. I would also like to attend a trapeze camp.

It's just rude not to return a phone call. Maybe she is out of town. If you're interested in her, maybe call once more. (?)

So Gene had a recent birthday and Karen has a birthday coming soon. Happy birthday to both of you!!!

Karen: Emma is a great dog name.

Happy day to all!!!


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Good Sunday (April 2) Morning, Karen, Ellen, and other readers. I'm two days into my 73rd year. At birth we're "0" so at "1" we are a full year old and begin our 2nd year. That's the way it is. So, if you're 29 you're in your 30th year; if you're 49 you're in your 50th; and so on. And, yes, age is a state of mind. And, yes, I do know to look at the alternative.

I did not get coffee for my birthday anniversary and am glad. I am down to three coffees; a German, Costa Rican, and a Starbucks. As I've said before my morning coffee is anything that's fast. I take time with the one for the afternoon. To clear these out I've begun drinking those in the morning. To be honest I'm not thrilled with them for morning flavors. I associate gormet coffee with relaxed times and mornings just are not that. No, I don't know why they don't seem relaxed. I have just as little to do in the morning as the afternoon. Oh, well.

We've had some days of warm weather in these Western North Carolina mountains. It almost makes me want to take the wraps off the Miata but I'll wait a while longer. It is a fun car but I can't put a full set of golf clubs in it when I go to a golf course. If I'm at a junk shop I can only buy things that will fit. I've returned home on several occasions to get my truck.

Karen, I'd like to hear about your trip. Did your dog handle it well? Did you renew old aquaintences? Did you enjoy yourself? I certainly hope you did.

Ellen, the remark about not making the 5k was rather cruel and uncalled for. Once upon a time someone bought me a shirt. On the tag it read "When it comes down to it it's not whether you win or loose but how you look when you're doing it". I personally think just finishing would be a lot of satisfaction and that it should create a recognition factor for those associated with you. I say "Way to go!"

I wish everyone well. Gene

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Happy belated birthday, Gene! I hope you did something memorable and spectacular.

My birthday trip won't take place for several weeks. At this point I'm not sure I'm taking Emma. Too much coordination, etc. I actually think she might be happier staying here and having some caring "aunts" and "uncles" stop by for a visit.

The weather here really sux today. Rainrainrainrainrain. Fortunately I have the entire day off. First day off since February 22! I've already had my morning coffee -- found some organic beans on sale at Target of all places. Great stuff. All the critters have been fed and are well into their morning naps. So I'm just sitting here marveling at the fact that nobody wants or needs me until tomorrow afternoon. Yay! :o)


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Good Morning, Karen and Others. Thanks for the birthday anniversary greeting. It was last Friday. Memorable and spectacular? Only in my dreams, so to speak. Personally, I think you wise to leave Emma in her own environment. Both of you will be happier. As I said, that's a personal feeling from someone who has chosen to be petless for five years. I do feed birds and enjoy them being around. I see occasional wildlife (groundhogs; skunks; turkey; racoons; squirrels; possum; and an occasional deer). Although I know better I like to think of these in terms of pets.

Not wanted or needed until tomorrow? I hate to burst your bubble but I, for one, want you here and I'm sure there's others. See what happens when you're nice.

Although it's probably something you don't want to annouce to the world I am curious as to what keeps you working every day from February 23 through yesterday. I admire your initiative and wish you well with whatever you do. You may have my email address should you be willing to say. Did you get the CD one?

Thanks for reminding me about organic beans. Maybe I need to concentrate on those. Either my beans have gotten old or my taste buds are changing again but I've not had a decent cup of coffee in a month or so. I think Starbuck Summatra is organic, isn't it? I'll look for others. For whatever it's worth I still have my boxed up Black and Decker Home Cafe'. I suppose it will be returned to Targets. Any thought on what I should get? My current maker is still the old ten cup Mr. Coffee.

Thanks for the nice reply. I hope everything goes well with your vacation planning. Best regards, Gene

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I am curious as to what keeps you working every day from February 23 through yesterday.

Gotta pay the bills, honey! It's the curse of the self-employed: any day off is a day you don't make money. Pension? What's that? 401-K? What's that? Health insurance? Well, you get the picture. :o)

As for the coffee maker, I'm pretty happy with my little heavy-duty size 2 cone. I heat one coffee cup of water each morning, grind enough beans for one cup, pour the ground-up beans in the cone filter, and when the water is heated, I pour it in. Not sophisticated or scientific at all. But it works for me. :o)


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Hello, Folks. Karen, I've good news and a little bad news about the HP5610 you and I own. The good is it will say when and what cartridge is low. The bad is that it's already telling me my black is low. Our notes were from the first days of February show when we got them. Within the past couple of months I've probably used mine more than normal like tax returns. I finished mine yesterday and did a few family/friends previously.

Nothing new on coffee. Still trying to use up what I have. I've been putting off grass cutting. No one around to make a kind suggestion that it's beginning to look ragged. Miata is still under wraps. With the price of gas I should bring it out and park everything else. I don't know where I would put golf clubs. I'm playing golf today and someone is coming by shortly. I do have a few more things to say but maybe for another time.

Ellen, where are you? I like to hear of your coastal visits and consider the area for a trip. I need to use another RCI week by the end of May. I can extend it for $59 for three months as I did last year but I think I need to go somewhere.

Regards to All, Gene

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Hi Gene. I'm still here. Just haven't had much to talk about lately. What's RCI? It will soon be too hot for me to go to coastal Florida. I can stay home and be hot! In the heat, I head for the mountains - for relief.

Does anyone else get really sick and tired of the single life?

Happy Easter to all! It's a beautiful spring day here, and spring is definitely here to stay.

Hippity Hop,


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Good Morning, Folks (Wed/19th). Glad you're around, Ellen and that goes for everyone else. RCI, Resorts Condominiums International, is when one owns a timeshare week but "banks" it with them in order to trade that week for one at another location. I guess you know of the process and the acronym, RCI, just wasn't registering at the time.

Yes, you and I know the mountains are a place to be for summer. I suppose I have an advantage by living here. But, I can usually stand the beach for a week. I've never made a condo week exchange when I couldn't pop in and out of the air conditioning or flop in the pool.

About the single life, I had some pretty rough times from about November through February. I guess the cold weather and shorter daylight hours might have something to do with it. They haven't come as often within the past month or so. To answer your question directly, yes, I get weary of being alone and sometimes is worse than others.

With the weather change I'm now playing golf twice a week. One of the two times I walk the full 18 holes which includes some pretty good size hills. When walking them I keep telling myself what Wilt Chamberline (sp?) said: no pain - no gain. I recently was the successful bidder on a doublewide and lot that HUD had to repossess. I've not received the keys or contract but made the deposit. I bought it to resell. The unit is twenty years old and, from looking through the windows, has not been well kept. I'll be spending time on that. But, then, the next I know it's November again.

Not having much to talk about lately so you're staying off the board? I suppose you're right. I don't think there's more than a hand full even bothers reading and less than that participates. So, like you, I guess I'll follow suit and fall to the wayside. I have enjoyed everyone and, of course, I wish all well. I'm not saying I'll not come over to read and/or comment on occasion. It just won't be as often.

Regards to all, Gene

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Hi Gene,

Don't leave! Yours are the most interesting posts here.

I guess I'm in your "November to February" kind of mood, but even on a good day, my life generally bores me and I'd rather not come here and bore y'all with it. There's too few people here now!

About mountains in the summer: We have very long, very hot, very humid summers here. Years ago, I went to MV on a Labor Day weekend - early September. Stayed at a cabin that had a fireplace. Owner came down to instruct on how to use said fireplace. I said, "Are you kidding? We won't be using the fireplace. We've been ON FIRE for three months and came up here to cool off." Slept with the bedroom window open. Other cabins around had smoke coming out of their chimneys. Wimps.

That's a funny and good memory. Thanks for reminding me of it.

For your amusement: PONDERISMS

I used to eat a lot of natural foods until I learned that most people die of natural causes.

Gardening Rule: When weeding, the best way to make sure you are removing a weed and not a valuable plant is to pull on it. If it comes out of the ground easily, it is a valuable plant.

The easiest way to find something lost around the house is to buy a replacement.

Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.

There are two kinds of pedestrians: the quick and the dead.

Life is sexually transmitted.

Health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.

Some people are like Slinkies - not really good for anything, but you still can't help but smile when you see one tumble down the stairs.

Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing.

All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.

In the 60's, people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is weird and people take Prozac to make it normal.

How is it one careless match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box to start a campfire?

Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, "I think I'll squeeze these dangly things here, and drink whatever comes out?"

Did you ever notice that when you blow in a dog's face, he gets mad at you, but when you take him on a car ride, he sticks his head out the window?



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Ah but Gene, the thing about these boards is that we actually have no idea how many people (hundreds? thousands? hundreds of thousands?) read without posting. It could be that there are great gaggles of Single Life lurkers who look forward to your posts as much as Ellen and I and all the others who *do* contribute to this forum.

I love reading about your life in the Smokies. Your coffee experimentation. Your Miata. Your perspectives on being single when it happens later in life. I hope you'll stick around. Just because there's not much feedback doesn't mean you don't have an impact.

Loved your "musings" too, Ellen. :o)

As for me, my attention these days is focused on selling real estate. And walking Emma. And walking Emma some more. And get the idea. lol I'm looking forward to my southern California trip which is coming up in a few weeks. And I'm truly enjoying all the lovely sale coffee I got at Target last week. Organic, fair trade and yummy times infinity!


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Good Monday Morning, Keri, Karen, and Others. On occasion I've gone back and read what we all have said in this Topic. I get a feeling I've said too much and/or what I've said is like spilling my guts. Do you ever get that feeling?

About being single, I agree the matter of having and maintaining relationships seem dominant, doesn't it. As has been alluded to it does offer an atmosphere that one must be married, in a relationship, or looking for one.
I get a gut feeling companionship is needed for my mental stability. Finding the companion is a different story. For whatever it's worth here's a little insight into being an old widower. Shorter daylight hours and winter's off and on confinement seems to leave more time for the brain to wander. I've seen more times than I wished when I'd give my right arm, so to speak, just to have a female companion sitting nearby whether she be watching TV, reading, or whatever. Fortunately, emotions of this type come and go. I think if they should come and stay I'd be ready for the "funny farm". Warmer weather and longer daylight hours do not curtail the emotions. It only makes them more tolerable.

About coffee, I've tossed out all coffee except for my staple which is Maxwellhouse French Roast Bold. This, or one similar, has been my morning coffee all along. The others, which I spoke of in the THS Topic, were my late afternoon/early evening drink. I've tried various coffee since October, 2004. I never came across what I would call a really bad coffee. One that came close was either Costa Rican or a Brazil blend. I was not impressed with the four German coffees I tried although people seem to give them a pretty good mark.

A big mistake (and I'm full of them) is having too much of a variety at one time. I've never been able to tell when a coffee gets stale. So, I keep drinking it. Although I've gotten preserving suggestions I've never gotten one saying it's absolutely the tried and tested best. So, my new bottom line is to have only one extra coffee in the house hopefully in a 1/4 pack container. That way I can finish it fairly quickly and move on to the next. If you'll read package's wording most say consume within seven days. That's funny because in the pantry I've had six full one-pounders to stare at.

I just ordered a Philips Senseo coffee maker. I wouldn't have except I found a Presto "Mypod" coffee adapter. One can use regular bagged coffee which allows a larger variety, and it allows a little cost conservation because the pods are a little pricy.

My Miata is still in the garage under it's cover. Yes, it is fun to drive and Western North Carolina is third gear country. But, just driving alone takes something out of it. Maybe I'll retag it within a month or so.

Good luck to all. As always, I wish everyone well and hope future goals and happiness exceed your expectations. Gene

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Good Morning, Everyone. The jury is out on my Philips Senseo coffee maker. It claims to make one cup with one pod. Their cup is 7 oz. It claims to make a larger cup with two pods, or 14 oz. It actually only makes 10 oz. I've used my Presto holder that allows one to use regular coffee. There's little difference in the taste whether it comes from the Senseo or my old Mr. Coffee. The Senseo pods create a little foam on top of the coffee. This must be something added to their pod. In using the Presto coffee holder there was no foam.

The bottom line is that I've put the Senseo back on the shelf; I've purchased a semi-permanent coffee filter for the Mr. Coffee that relieves one of the coffee making processes; and that's probably where I'll stay for a while. I tried to use the Senseo but going through the process/cost to wind up with the same taste in coffee just made no sense.

The Summer Soltice just came and went. From now until December 21 our daylight hours will lessen. Fortunately, or unfortunately, that six months will seem to go much faster for me than those of younger years.

I wish Everyone well. Gene

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Rude awakening. I have always used brown throw away coffee filters. I had never used a permanent filter. I thought it would simplify my process of making coffee in my regular ten cup Mr. Coffee. It did not! I used it yesterday morning for the first time. On emptying I had coffee grounds all over the trash can and a little on the floor (my disposal is shot). Then, I tried cleaning the filter which took about a minute of running semi hot water. Then I had to rinse the filter holder. With the throw away filters the grounds have its own tidy bag with which to carry and place it in the trash. The filter container stays basically clean and requires light rinsing. So, that's it for my coffee talk for a while. I suppose some are glad and some think this information should be in the Cooking topic. Oh, well. I do wish Everyone well. Regards, Gene

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I am new to this forum, and am not a coffee nut, but I am a gardening nut. And I realize this isn't the Compost forum, either, but I almost always use the cone and those brown unbleached paper filters and when done the tidy little filter with grounds intact gets plopped into the compost bucket - where they will eventually make their way outside onto the compost pile! :)

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Good Morning, Terrene and Others. I, too, use the unbleached filters. My Mr. Coffee requires ones that are cylindrical (sp?) rather than cone shaped. I don't do flowers but my wife did. After you mentioned it I now recall that she put coffee grounds in flower beds. I never asked what purpose the coffee grounds serve. Thanks for the advice. Gene

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I returned from my southern California birthday trip with two pounds of Dean's Beans. The company is based in Orange, Massachusetts. But my "supplier" is at a farmer's market in Orange County, CA. Go figure. lol

My latest acquisitions are Oromio, a nice African coffee much like Harrar. I also got some Ahab's Revenge. It doesn't have a distinctive flavor -- just full-bodied and rich.

I stopped by Peet's last week while I was waiting for my car to be serviced at a nearby garage. Got some of their Blend 101. It's a combination of beans from all the different coffee regions. Great stuff!


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Good Morning, Karen and Others. Karen, in the past I've acquired Peet's Blend 101. It was recommended on this site or somewhere. The best I can say is that it's good all of our taste buds are not alike. Blend 101 was very acceptable in that it offered a smooth taste while still letting one know they were drinking coffee. But, my Maxwellhouse Bold French Roast does about the same depending on how much coffee I put in. However, the MH is lightly tart whereas the 101 isn't. I'll keep working at it. I got a 1/4 bag of Port City's house coffee. The taste just doesn't turn out like theirs. My next run will be with bottled water. Also, I believe their's is a three-blend coffee and I'd like to find out what's used.

In case I didn't mentioned it I retagged the Miata and have been driving it a little. Overall, it's hardly worth the cost of the tag and insurance to bother.

I bought a lot and doublewide (needing serious repair) with expectations to rework it once the weather cooled a little. In the mean time I thought I'd try to sell it if anyone was willing to pay my price. Someone was and the closing will take place in two weeks. Go figure. So, I made an offer on another that was a little more pricey. I won't know about that one for a while. At least this unit doesn't need repair. The lot is about a half acre but getting to is not very easy.

Karen, I believe I said Happy Birthday either in this topic or by email. I'm glad you made it to California. You seemed a little uncertain for a while. That's neat to buy your Mass. coffee while there. The other coffees you mentioned I've never tried. I'm putting them, too, on my list to try.

I wish you and everyone well. I hope the summer goes along as wished. Regards, Gene

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Gene, if you sent me an e-mail via Gardenweb I didn't receive it. Apparently that's happening a lot. But thanks for the birthday wishes! Here's my addy: we go 4 you@hotmail . com

Of course, you'll need to remove the five spaces that I put in. I added the spaces so I don't end up on twelve million lists for spam mail.


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Gene, please don't leave!
As mentioned above I am one of the lurkers. I come here all of the time and have only posted once or twice because I don't really feel I belong here - I feel like a bit of an intruder.

I am happily married but the marraige forum is just full of unhappy people. So when I get tired of reading about gardening I come here. You guys are all so much more interesting. I like to read about your trips and adventures.
When you have problems you share them each other but in a way that is strengthening and uplifting.

I don't like watching TV, seldom talk on the phone and have very few friends - my husband and I are pretty much loners that just happened to have found each other. So this is where I 'interact' (if you can call it that) with people.

I take my coffee intravenously, go to N.C. every few weekends, road trip once a week, and love random musings. That's what all of you guys share here.

So, yes there are lurkers who love to follow your posts and would miss you if you left.

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Good Morning, Karen, Gurley and Others. Karen, I used the right e-mail and even extracted some of your e-mail data from Google. The location seems different than yours. Maybe you can work it out.

I decided to change my morning staple coffee from MH bold french roast to Community Cafe Dark. It takes a little more of the CC to get the taste I like and it's a little pricy ($6.00) but one gets a full pound rather than eleven ounces ($3.00). The difference is .10 cents per ounce. The CC is a smoother blend. I'm so use to wanting a coffee that offers a bite I guess I'll switch either back to MH BFR or maybe try something different.

Six months ago I decided to get a contract on a ISP's personals site notwithstanding I'm 72. I'll be off their site August 15. I received a dozen inquiries and sent replies back to to about half. Nothing came from them and I didn't think it would. Apparently I don't have sufficient interest to go out of my way to pursue meeting others. If one spends money to be on personal web sites don't do as I and just use it for just another place to click to (Gene's advice of the day).

I hope everyone is having a great summer. Regards, Gene

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I'm glad you posted again. And since you're back I will pose two questions to you.

1. Do you think the Intelligentsia coffees are worth going out of my way to purchase? I have to drive over 40 miles to find any real shopping but occasionally I make the trip for certain treats I can't find in our area.

2. Can you recommend any neat coastal or mountain areas to visit in N.C.? I have already gone to Highlands and the surrounding area. Thinking about Saluda but not sure if it is worth the trip. Have not yet traveled up the N.C. coast because I'm not sure where the good spots are. I'm looking for small town, coffee shops, flea markets, fishing and camping. I did go to the Raleigh flea market and that was interesting but once was enough.

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OK, butting in here because I feel so passionately about Intelligentsia Coffee!!! Yes, by all means it is worth going out of your way. A bit more expensive, but again, very much worth it. Try the Harrar. Try the Sulawesi if they have it in stock. Try Black Cat Espresso. Just about eveything they have is WONderful!

Carry on. (pardon my Tim Gunn lol)


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Gppd Morning, Gurley, Karen and Others. It's a drizzly Western North Carolina morning; about 60 degrees; my windows are open; and as I move throughout the house I feel an occasional cool breeze passing by. It reminds me of "Fall" which is just around the corner, isn't it.

Although Karen mentioned Intelligensia coffee a good while back I've not tried it. I even have their web site shown in my favorites column. You're probably getting tired of hearing excuses but I had so many different coffees at one time, all in full one pound bags, I could have opened my own shop. Although I was trying something new as time went by it took a long time to finish them.

Being born in the depression era I seldom throw anything away and I felt not using all of the coffee would be a waste. Again, to reiterate previous comments I'm widowed and live alone. I average 20-25 ounces of a staple coffee in the morning (sometimes a new one) and usually an early evening 10-12 ounce cup of a new coffee. So, it did take a while to dispose of what I had.

I hope Intelligensia has sampler packs of two to four ounces. I think I'll check their site after writing this note. Thanks for reminding me of what to try, Karen.

Although I've always been a writer wannabee I've never completed anything I started. A writer's workshop has a contest for entries by the end of August. First price is $300 and it goes down from that. Their requested topic is "difficult experience". It seems they could have come up with something a little broader, don't you think ? I have aspirations to write something but, typically, that is as far as it gets.

I moved stuff around in the garage so I could park the Miata, too. It is convenient to leave the top down. I drive it a few times a week. It seems small, red convertible sports cars grab people's attention. I get questions about it regularly.

Gurley, as long as you can compare prices, getting coffee off the Net certainly is easier, and cheaper, than driving 40 miles. My opinion, only.

This is the type of day I wish I had my covered deck already built. I have a small unheated sun room with screens but it just doesn't seem the same, does it.

I hope All are doing well. Regards, Gene

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Howdy, Folks - Well, I ordered coffee from Intelligentsia. They have 1/2 pound bags and I wish they had 1/4. Anyway, I ordered the Ethopian Harrar; the Black Cat Expresso; and, since they were out of Sulawesi, I got their Sumatra. I like Starbucks' Sumatra and hope this is as good. The half pounders cost around $6 a bag. Yes, it would make a pound $12. But, if I didn't spend my money on coffee what would I spend it on? Wine, women and song? At my age I only wish!

I've had several trucks over the years. Last year I bought an S-10 4WD pickup. The last time I had to move my big riding mower I must have had a large truck because it fit.
It won't fit what I now have. So, today I began looking for a large pickup which I should have gotten to begin with. There's a lot of smaller pickups out there like my S-10. The big pickups cost and arm and a leg. With gas prices being what they are one would think prices would be down.

I'm off Yahoo Personals as of today. To be honest I didn't expect much and that's what I got. I think one has to have a strong desire to get out to mingle and associate.

Regards, Y'all. Gene

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I think I need to go back to that site again. I didn't see the half-pound offered for sale.
I will probably be making the drive into town anyway this weekend so I might find it then.

I know what you mean about trucks. I have always preferred a truck over a car but just the other day a saw a pretty basic model priced at 50K. Sorry - no can do.

After my children were grown and I got rid of the horses, and the need to move other large heavy things, I scaled down to what I call a 'toy' truck; Nissan Frontier. It gets around 24-27 mpg and my payments are teeny tiny. I can haul the motorcycle on a trailer but that is about it.

My hauling capabilities are limited - I currently have a cabin cruiser in the back yard that needs to be moved and I will have to get a co-worker to help with that - but the gas and payment trade off is worth it.

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Good Saturday Morning (26th), Everyone. Yesterday it was fairly warm for these Western North Carolina mountains - maybe 80-85. But, around 7PM I took the Miata out for an hour or so. To be honest the breeze felt a little cool - pleasant, but cool. A sign of things to come, huh. Today, I must mow. I wait until the neighbors have finished which was Thursday and Friday. I guess if they didn't do theirs mine would turn into a hayfield.

We moved to the house in 1965. The road was gravel; the neighborhood consisted of four houses; dogs ran free; land was for cattle and hayfields; and we slept with windows open. We were the first house on the right. Now I'm the fourth house on the right and there's more than a dozen houses in the neighborhood. Times they are a changing as someone said.

Great pictures, Gurley157fs. I think anyone would be impressed with the layout and picture content. You did well. Before my wife died we did travel along the North and South Carolina coastal area. We didn't camp. If you travel after Labor Day and after schools start back I'd suggest Oak Island. The beaches are almost vacant. The town is Long Beach. Although the motel is old we stayed at the Pier House Motel. I would metal detect and I would pier fish more just to talk to others doing the same as opposed to really catching anything. The place has a huge deck just steps up from the beach. My wife would read and walk the beach looking for particular shells. Things seemed so much easier back then.

Saluda (NC) is closer to the foothills than to the mountains. It's a very small place and really about as convenient to S. C. as it is to places like Hendersonville and Asheville. I live a little west of Asheville but still in the same county. I consider Asheville the stepping off place to Western North Carolina. There's a lot of campsites all over. I drive toward Waynesville/Maggie Valley as often as I do Asheville. Sometimes I take a little roundabout way and drive to Cherokee on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Once above 5000 feet I stop at overlooks and try to absorb nature's beauty. Somewhere along the way I lost the ability to truly enjoy what I see. Many years ago I use to view a site; take a breath of fresh air; and have a rush of euphoria. I really miss that. Life sometimes seems unfair.

Going west from Asheville I just think there's more to see. Of course if one drives about an hour NE of Asheville they can be on top of Mt. Mitchel (highest in the east). And, the Boone/Blowing Rock/Banner Elk/Newland area (Christmas trees and skiing) is very pretty but, for me, I need a little more to see. I've been to Harrahs only once but know it's there if I want to go. I've picnicked and watched whitewatering in the Nantahala gorge(sp?). Maggie Valley CC is on our monthly list of places to golf. From the back nine the views are pretty. They're building around the front nine and have taken something away. There's not much I don't like about Western NC. If you had specific questions I'd be happy to try to help.

My Sumatra from Intelligentia is not as good as Starbucks, in my opinion. Starbucks Sumatra is organic and the beans come from like trees and like regions. I have yet to try the other two.

No, what I've said doesn't sound much like a single's forum discussion, does it. I'm sorry. When one is alone there's no telling what may generate discussion.

I hope all have had a good summer and that the rest of the year, and life, is enjoyable and rewarding. Gene

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Gene, please do keep rambling. I've never identified myself by my marital status, which is why I rarely post at this forum. But as long as you're here and I'm here and a few others are equally eager to hear from you, I hope you'll stay around. What you have to say beats the pants off the flaming and political baiting and "how do I get my 7-year-old to poop?" stuff that regularly turns up in other forums.

I have a new real estate home -- Keller Williams. Great people, great corporate ethics (which sounds like an oxymoron, doesn't it? lol). I decided I needed the size and support of an international company if I wanted to do the best possible job for my clients. It's only been two weeks and already things are beginning to take hold. Sometimes size does matter. :o)


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Karen, you are HYSTERICAL! "How do I get my 7 year old to poop?" LOL.

That is exactly why I come here. They should just call this place the coffee shop instead of the singles forum. This is were I come to read 'grown-up' conversation.

Gene, Oak Island sounds like a winner. I will have to put that on the 'must see' list. Now that school is started we will be back on the road again. I raised two children and am finished with it - I don't really want to be surrounded by them when I am vacationing.

I finally made it to town and purchased an Organic Sumatra Aceh Gayo. I purchased a half a pound and wish I'd bought less :-). I am going to drink it to see if I learn to appreciate it but I'm thinking ..... it tastes like dirt.

Here is a link to what is described as a fascinating and complex taste. I'm not getting that out of it but it's fun trying them out anyway.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sumatra Aceh Gayo

    Bookmark   August 28, 2006 at 9:48AM
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