Bernina 830

keepeminstitchesJuly 25, 2008

Has anyone seen the new Bernina 830 that was unveiled last Monday in a webcast? My understanding is it's $12,000, but is it ever cool!!!!! I want it badly...all kinds of new features and a huge embroidery field.


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Are you sure it's an 830?? There has been an 830 out for a long time,like years,20 plus years.My GF got one when or soon after i got the 930 and my 930 is over 25 yrs old.The 830 was a pretty basic machine.

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Yup, I'm positive. The new one is named in honor of the old workhorse. If you'd be interested in seeing it, go to and click on the new information on it. It shows you just a few of the new features, but the ones that are most interesting. I just returned from my dealer's Christmas in July party where we saw a video of the new machine and how it was created. I'm really drooling now! It will be available in November. In around early January 2009 they are releasing the 820 which is basically the same machine but doesn't do embroidery. The 820 is more geared toward the quilter who can put it on Bernina's new quilting frame that is soon to be available (I'm not a quilter, so not sure when that will be). Dealer sent a 'simulator' cd home with each of us today so we can see what it's like to have the 830 right in front of us. I just got done with that. Unbelievable technology! I don't know how many will be able to afford it, tho, and they're saying it weighs 40 lbs, so not easy to take to class. Wish I could win the lottery.


Here is a link that might be useful: Bernina website

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The link doesn't work,but i found it anyway.

WOW,that is amazing,but way out of my price range.

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I saw the 830 in Kansas City at the convention. I made a buying decision instantly. 12" of actual space for sewing, LED lights, a cool new threading system and automatic needle threading. I saw the dual feed system-it stores completely out of the way when you are not using it. A stitch regulator (I already have one and love it, but the new one sews faster) and a huge bobbin. The large screen uses new technology and is very easy to see. Since I wear bifocals, this was important to me. Speaking of screens, you can choose you background from 8ish choices (can't remember the exact number). I think Bernina has done a really nice job with this machine. There are lots of other features but these and the fact that the 830 was so quiet were what impressed me the most.

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This would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic; a huge embroidery field indeed, but the hoop needed to use that field doesn't even come with the machine!! You can get it for an extra FIVE HUNDRED FREAKIN' DOLLARS!!!! I know this because I'm buying one and the dealer is 'ever so graciously' tossing in the hoop for free. Ha! I'm using my 730 as a trade-in but what am I to do with the several hundred dollars of 730 accessories??? Is this what rape feels like??

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Maybe like the "rapes" in romance novels, where the heroines always end up falling in love with the pseudo villains anyway, lol.

I have to say that I have also fallen in love with the 830. One thing that impressed me was how evenly it stitched through several layers of pretty thick leather. I ride and am hoping to make my own chaps.

Thank you, James, for sharing the price on the large hoop. There are two stores fairly close to me and one is throwing in the free hoop while the other is offering a beautiful quilt that the store owner has made. I'd forgotten to ask how much the hoop was and was figuring the quilt was a much better deal. Sounds like the decision's not so clear cut after all, lol.

Of course, this is all dependent on DH agreeing to buy me the machine for Christmas. Sadly, I may have to wait a little longer but, hopefully, I will get one at some point. On the plus side, even DH was impressed by the quality and the thought that had gone into the engineering.

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