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sierraeastNovember 25, 2009

Hi, I've installed sheet goods over plywood as well as concrete, but my question is, can it be laid over existing sheet vinyl? The floor in question is layed tight with no areas pulling up. They just want a change without too much effort or expense such as skinning over the existing, or pulling the existing up. It is installed over a plywood subfloor. I told them I would seek advise here, (not too much info over at the flooring forum), and will lend them a hand with the project. The existing flooring is somewhat dimensional with grooves resembling grout lines, so I'm assuming those would have to be filled by a skim coat. If this is possible, please advise on skim coat and adhesive types as well as prep that would be needed. Thanks, Mark

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First, be aware that older vinyl flooring often had a layer of asbestos, so tearing it up without first testing it can pose a risk. I had vinyl flooring that I knew contained asbestos and it was installed on concrete, so I couldn't nail down new underlayment. The vinyl was deeply embossed, so the installers troweled on a leveling coat, and then laid the new vinyl down. It adhered fine and there was no telegraphing of the old pattern through to the new surface. As long as your existing vinyl is down tight, this should work fine for you.

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Hi Kudzo9, Thanks! Similar answer over at the flooring forum. I appreciate the reassurance as I dont want to advise them on going forward if it isn't a good idea. The house is late eighties, so should have no asbestos concerns. I'll hit up some floor covering outfits for the skim coat material as the only other game in town is H.D. and I dont know that they would carry it. Thanks again!

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I agree it's a good idea to get the product from a professional outfit. I can't remember the name of the product my guys used, but it troweled on beautifully and was fully set within a couple of hours. We waited until the next morning, though to spread adhesive and lay down the new vinyl. Good luck.

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Thanks again, have great holidays!

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