OT: Swiffer Users---My Swiffers Shrunk

catkinJuly 15, 2014

Bought a new box each of the regular blue and the yellow 360 refills. The 360s are 1/3 of the former thickness and are shorter (compared to one I still had left).

The blue one is a lot thinner than the last box I had. Although I had none to compare, it's painfully obvious. I took several others from the box because I thought I may have got a bad batch--nope!

Maybe these have been like this for a while. The price has not decreased, though.

May have to go back to an alternative--damp rag...

If you're going to cut the size of a product, lower the price! (yeah right) I called the toll free # on the box and shared my comments with them. I was told they'll let the proper departments know my opinion...

vent over

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This is how bidness is done in these United States now.

Get a steam mop with the re-usable pad you just plop the thing down on and can wash in the washing machine. NO chemicals. No running out to buy more whatever when it runs out. Just fill with water, turn it on, heat it up, and go.

I LOVE my simple, no bells & whistles Haan steam mop.

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I aways use a terry cloth hand towel on my swifter...for mopping and for drying/polishing. Didn't want to buy the pads all the time...didn't really like them.

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Yes -- business as usual indeed! :(

Sad to say that the manufacturer would simply say that they are saving money (to pay their execs and board members) -- and we should be thankful that they haven't raised the prices ..... although THAT price scam hike is usually the very next step in today's business models .....

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You can buy the larger ones at some stores but not at others. I think I got the larger ones at Target recently. These things shrunk more than a year ago but I think now they are coming back with the larger ones, at least in my part of the woods.

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I just use a paper towel in my swiffer and spritz it with some Murphy's Oil Soap. Works just as well for almost free. The swiffer cloths are to expensive and wasteful for me.

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I use slightly dampened small microfiber cloths in my Swiffer. They pick up dust really well, clean most spots on the floor, and then I just toss them in the washer to clean.

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I have a dustmop that looks like a swiffer, except larger. I have a terry cloth cover and a microfiber cover that I use on mine. I agree with the above poster - the swiffer throw-away cloths are just too wasteful and something else to throw away.


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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

In justification of swiffers, they are good for certain things: the perfume tray with its myriad collection of bottles at different heights, same for the shelf of objets d'art and the various other pottery collections.

In those circumstances, I would have to pick up each item and dust it individually. Which I do occasionally but for light dusting, a swiffer is great.
Floors, anything works!

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Click on the link below. That is all you need and it pays for itself in the end.

I absolutely LOVE the dust mop. For one thing, it's long, unlike a Swiffer. It picks up a lot of dust & easily goes under sofas, etc. I generally shake out the dust in a little pile then use my dustpan.

If company is coming over, you can dust a large area within a few minutes. Hardly ever needs washing.

The blue pad is for wet-mopping.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bona Mops-Money and time saving!

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Reynolds Wrap is another brand they screwed up. It tears so easily now because it's as thin as tissue paper.

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Forgive me! I meant say it was a hand held Swiffer duster--not floor mop! LOL!

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LOL, catkin! I was wondering why you didn't get a dust mop. :)

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Bumble, I use a feather or an anti static duster in place of a swiffer duster. Again, nothing to throw away. Cheaper in the long run and less for the landfills.

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That's how I use my Swiffer, Bumble. For larger areas like coffee tables, I use a microfiber cloth. The cloths actually holds more dust than a swiffer. They're also great for fingerprints.

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