Beyond frustrated

Holly- KayMay 13, 2013

Last weekend I finally decided on my hardware but I needed a sample to make sure that it is fairly true to the website pic. I ordered the sample last Monday from a site in NY and I still don't have the sample. NY is a two business day ship via UPS and pretty much the same via USPS. I really need to get my hardware ordered. I am getting worried that I won't have the hardware in time. Have any of you been held up by slow response from a vendor? I guess because I have a shop and was in the manufacturing field for years I look at timely shipping as very important. It seems like I am in the minority as far as vendoes go as I am finding that many sites just seem to drag their feet. Thanks for listening to the vent.

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Time to change vendors?

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I understand your frustration. I ended up ordering my hardware from RH, and it took much too long to arrive IMO. Blue tape is your friend in this situation. Make some cute little pulls from blue tape, or pick one of the other cool colors the quick release tape is made in now. They'll last long enough until your order arrives. I used blue tape on a couple cabs for many months until I convinced DH that the knobs I wanted weren't dorky.

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So many on-line vendors don't even have the product at their location. Or even know if it is available. I'm tracking something so simple and silly right now from has been everywhere and taking so long i almost forgot i ordered it.
If i need something timely, i have to call and order directly from a human, Ask for availability, get a name, and give my # if they find a problem.
I ordered an entry hook wanting to put up a grid of 12 or 24...then to find out it was discontinued...
If it is what you want, when it finally arrives, order by phone and pay for speedy shipping.

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Holly- Kay

ThanksEAM and Breezy. I knew I would find kindred souls on GW.

EAM I am looking right now. I wanted to go with this vendor because it was the best pricing on the web that I could find with no tax or shipping, however if they can't deliver I am better off paying more for better service.

Breezy my cabs won't be installed for a few weeks but I really want the pulls here so I can have the installers deal with putting the pulls on. I get sick to my stomach at the thought of holes being drilled. Yikes!!!!

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Holly- Kay

Thanks Sleeve. Yes it truly is frustrating what you have to go through when ordering on line. I will definitely place a phone order. I just need to see the one I ordered to make sure the finish is right.

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Sounds like a difficult situation! I was worried sick when I needed my sink for templating and they sent the wrong one. Luckily, they sent the right one in time, but I know how difficult it can be.

I hope they send them quickly and you can get them installed on the schedule you were hoping for :)

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Holly- Kay

Yippee. I just got confirmation with a tracking number that is a UPS number. It is scheduled to be delivered today. Thank goodness I can get the ball rolling as soon as I see it!

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Sophie Wheeler

Almost no one maintains "stock" of anything anymore. If they receive an order, they then in turn order it from the manufacturer. That's why so many things state a 10-14 business day lead time. What exactly do they state is their lead time?

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As long as you have your samples in hand when your cabinets are installed, the installers can get all the holes drilled. Then you can put the hardware on yourself, if you do not have the full shipment in hand. All it takes is a screwdriver.

You will likely need longer screws than are provided for the hardware going on the drawers (needs to go through the drawer front and the drawer box), but you would need those for your installers anyways.

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Holly- Kay

Actually lead time was 2 business days. I totally over reacted because I didn't get a shipping notice. It is here now and gahhhhhh the bronze instead of a brownish bronze is more a grayish bronze. It is still beautiful but I just don't know if it will work because I think my cabinets need something in a brown tone! The website color is just not true to real life which is why I ordered a sample.

I will post a pic tonight when I get home from work and ask for all of your opinions. Crud and darn it all!

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