crack in garage foundation

kcbluNovember 18, 2012

Wasn't sure where to post this. How would you fix this? This crack appeared in the foundation behind the 3rd car garage (slab) due to the drought this year. Inside there are a few hairline cracks but also a crack in the inside on where the wall meets the foundation on the inside from where this crack is (not as large). I am thinking this can be fixed with epoxy injection but not sure. Ideas?

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To give you an idea of location, this crack is behind the white pot.

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Hmmm... the foundation no doubt has rebar reinforcing it, so, it's possible that part of foundation won't completely fail. The most important thing now, while you wait a period of time for witnessing additional movement, is to water-proof the crack. Concrete sealer is probably the best way to go, or, just a quality caulk may be sufficient.

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