Christmas Shopping

joulesR4meDecember 3, 2004

Just wanting to keep this forum going ... thought I'd say that I've just started to PLAN my Christmas shopping. I have only 1-1/2 weeks to get it done as I'll be having some surgery and probably won't be getting back out till after Christmas. Anyway, I've started browsing the internet and finding it quite a good source for gift ideas. I've been to the mall a couple times, and always end up buying something that is just *okay* and always overpriced. Using the internet is giving me time to really think about each item, see others that just aren't available (or that I would think of), and even find a bargan price. I do worry some about putting my credit card info out there, so I'll probably do the real ordering at work - where we have ton's of additional computer security (I don't know if that really matters as I'm fairly computer illiterate - but it sounds good). Anyone else taking this method to Christmas shopping?

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I do 99.9% of my shopping on the internet. I usually stick with reputable companies though. I love it!

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I took the plunge and went to our big super mall - last Tuesday - wasn't overly busy - got right in and right out. I also stepped inside one of our discount stores - same thing - right in and right out. It has been suggested, on the news, that retailers with stores other than the internet, will really be 'hurting' financially this year - 50% of shoppers are ordering over the internet. I am a touchy-feely person - I like to 'check out' what I am buying. I think buying over the internet is not personal enough when buying a gift for someone. It's the effort and thought one puts into selecting a gift that's 'just right' for the person, that makes it special.

If it's something hard to find, and the internet is the only place I can locate and buy it, then I might, but for the most part, I prefer to go in person. I don't find fault in anyone who prefers the internet - it's a personal thing, I think.

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Goodness Joules! It won't be a very merry Christmas for you this year. I wish you a speedy recovery.

I love shopping from home. I used to shop from catalogs, moved on to ordering stuff off tv, and now the internet (love ebay!) ~smile~. On my little daughter's advice (she is an internet guru), I opened an account at a bank where I do not do my regular banking and shop with a debit card from that account. I shopped around until I found an account with no service charges, and since I don't need to buy checks, it doesn't cost me anything. I do feel that it is pretty safe to shop online anyway, but this gives me a separate statement for internet purchases.

I love to be out in the stores this time of year. Can you all believe its December already?

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Carrie B

Joules, wishing you all the best, in health, holidays, and everything else that matters.

I did nearly all of my shopping on the Internet this year, and it has been wonderful. This coming Tuesday is my family gift-giving day, so family stuff is ready to go. I love that I can get people exactly what they want, often for less money, and have it shipped right to my house (or my job, or the recipient's home)without having to find time and parking.

Only once - a couple of years ago - in my five or so years of Internet shopping have I ever had anything "fishy" happen. My credit card statement indicated a vendor I could not figure out. I called the credit card company and it turns out it was some type of "adult" service. When I assured the customer service person that I had not made that purchase, and that I lived alone and there was no way someone else could have gotten my card, she deleted the charges. It has never happened again.

Have a terrific weekend, all.


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I live in the middle of nowhere so Internet shopping is the best I can do. I've never had a problem with my credit/debit card being abused. Mailman loves to lose my stuff so insurance is a must... even then things get "lost" but at least I get my money back. I love getting just the thing I want. My Amazon account smokes from all the books and music I buy... where else would I find a Melissa Etheridge single CD with Maggie May on it? My grandfather likes to read so I have his name on my list of shipping addresses. Now and then I just pick a book and send it to him. I can spend hours on Ebay just surfing for stuff I'll never actually buy.

With that said most of my friends will be getting booze for a gift. Adults in my family did away with most gift giving. Kids or immediate family only... saves buying stuff that people don't need or want.

Anyone know what this year's "furbie" is?

: )

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Shopping is about 50-50 here but I don't buy many gifts. We're just a small family.

I'd do all my shopping on the internet if I could. I'm waiting until Albertson's grocery store extends their pilot program so I can order my groceries and have them delivered. :) I don't care much for crowds. (being nice)

Only problem I've ever had was Yahoo with a $150 charge for something with web-t.v. I had to sign some papers at my credit union but it was handled in two days. "Billing error." Yahoo never did return my call as they said they would within 48 hrs.

I like buying or just surfing eBay. Ross Simons is one of my favorites too.


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Michael writes:

>>I can spend hours on Ebay just surfing for stuff I'll never actually buy.>>

Well my problem is I can spend hours on Ebay just surfing for stuff Ill ALWAYS actually buy. Cant help it. Im a junkie for old horse racing memorabilia, old books, magazines...I mean OLD, like older than dirt old. So when I see something really neat, well, it isnt like its gonna show up again, cause its probably one of the only ones left in the world. So of course I HAVE to get it so its me.. (works for me anyway...).

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Those of you who shop on do you handle bad transactions? I read the feedback for my seller, and it seems like they do a large volume of trade in small priced items. Every once in awhile there is a glitch (like mine) but nothing unusual. I don't think they are out to scam anyone, just busy. That doesn't get my $12 back. I told them as soon as it arrived that they had sent the wrong product and they said, "send it back", which I did. How long should I wait? It has been 3 weeks since I returned the product. I sent an email this morning asking them to ship mdse or credit my account. Was I too hasty?

~smile~ my first negative eBay experience and I haven't bought anything since

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As a former seller I don't think 3 weeks is too long to wait. I would think you were being exceptionally nice. After a month (auction end) you can file a complaint with eBay too. Sellers should be held accountable. You should get your return shipping amount reimbursed and a great feedback. Obviously, it wasn't your fault. eBay doesn't want buyers discouraged (No buyers = No eBay and sellers cannot continue with a lot of negatives. Save all your email too.

As a buyer (250++) I've had few problems. Much less than with the big box stores. I almost always pay with Paypal, ALWAYS get shipping quote in advance and wouldn't to hesitate to leave a Negative.

Check the eBay community boards too. Last I knew you can't post the seller's name but the auction number is ok. Also try a web search, "eBay seller sent wrong item" and it will help your sifting through the boards.

I will purchase my last Christmas item from the web...only because no one has one listed on eBay. :P


Here's a great (non eBay) link for both sellers and buyers.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hobbits eBay Help Page

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thanks Wings

I hope my email reminder will do the trick. If not, I will leave feedback explaining incident without malice, and remember not to order from them again.

I am not ordering anything from anywhere til next year anyway. I set myself a cutoff every year to avoid overspending on things that I will surely regret when the winter utility bills come.

January will start the garden catalogs arriving, and that will give me plenty to window shop for awhile.

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I did a lot of ordering today. Just crossed my fingers that all will go smooth.

How do you know who's reputable and who is not???

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