Removal of pin from door hinge

janet400November 9, 2008

My husband is trying to remove a pin from the Ives Schlage(Artisan Series)door hinge. They are brand new and came pre-assembled. It has a pin "head" at the top with a pin hole at the bottom. It does not appear to unscrew. He tried using a nail at the bottom and hammering up. It will not move. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Janet

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Call (Google) the company and ask them before possibly damaging it.

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Could those hinges be security hinges where the pin can't be removed?

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Thank you joed and lucy. We are calling the company where we purchased the hinges to get their suggestions. Janet

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HOW TO REMOVE SCHLAGE DOOR HINGE PINS: Heat the hinge with your hair dryer to loosen the goop inside the hinge. Use pliers to hold the hinge as it will get very hot. Once it's hot enough, insert a small screw driver into the pin hole. Bang the screwdriver and I promise the hinge will come out. It worked for me on all my Schlage hinge pins.

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