Do I have partners in this thinking?

barb_roselover_inJuly 29, 2011

I usually am limited with my time to sew--especially in the summertime. I got out a pattern the other day for a quick cutout (or so I thought). The pattern had several sizes. By the time I had picked out all of the correct pattern pieces, an hour or more had passed and also the time that I had to do it. Why are these present-day patterns so involved and complicated as to finding the correct pieces? It is so frustrating. I guess I don't need help--only comments. Thanks for letting me vent - Barb

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I usually cut out my pattern pieces ahead of time and clip them all together with fabric,notions and everything i need for that project,put it all in a lg zip loc bag and when i'm ready,or have time to sew all the prep work has already been done.You have to take advantage of every minute you have,as the days fly by quickly.

Nancy Zieman has a book out called 10,20,30 minutes to sew or something like that.Every little piece of time you use prepping really helps you in the end.

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Most patterns used to be printed in one or two sizes. Over the years multiple sized patterns became the norm, probably for custom fitting. But yes, it is time consuming. I trace pattern pieces onto tissue paper so I'll always have the original intact when I need a different size(weight gain/loss, different sized GKs want the same item, etc). It is also very time consuming transferring the info to the tissue paper, but easier to use again because I keep the traced pieces in a ziplock as Kathi does.

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I already have in mind the pattern that I want and when one of the stores have them for 99 cents I buy several to get the different sizes. I have 6 grandaughters I sew for and I need all the different sizes. I cut out each size and place them in a ziplock bag. It would take me hours to trace all the different sizes.. Between Hobby Lobby and Joanns they have them on sale often..

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I may have to change my mind about sewing (period). Walmart does not handle material anymore and JoAnns has left also. If I want to sew, will have to travel about thirty miles to even get pins or thread. I guess that will bring our 4H sewing to zero. Barb

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Try these guys - they have enough actual information in the descriptions to make a pretty good guess at what the fabric is actually like. Unlike Hancock or JoAnn's.

Fabric dot Com

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I hear you Barb. Pattern prep is half the battle.

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patterns used to have just one size, loved it!! Today pattern companies do not want to have to keep such a large inventory of patterns and take up less room in a fabric store so we have multi-sized patterns. Yes, they are a lot more trouble and I hate that sometimes you have to tape pattern pieces together. Try buying vintage or older patterns off ebay. Sometimes they are even cheaper.

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The prices have jumped on patterns since they went to the multi-sized, as well. Digging through my pattern boxes, I find patterns from the 70s with only one size, pattern marked $1.75. Now that price is the sale price, one weekend a month at WM (if you are lucky enough to have a WM with a fabric dept).

The problem with buying vintage or older patterns from eBay, garage sales or thrift stores is the possibility of a missing piece. It's been my experience that it's usually a CRUCIAL piece, too, rather than something easily recreated like a facing.


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"patterns used to have just one size, loved it!!"

I always hated it as my body shape has always called for two different sizes,LOL! I was never one for altering things so I was happy when multiple sized patterns came out.

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My pet peeve is when you pull out three sheets of pattern tissue and you have the pieces for completely separate views spread across all of them. Would it really be that hard to print the romper on one piece, the boy's shirt on another, and the men's on a third (or the kids all on one)? It barely takes two yards for the whole shirt, and they're only printing half!

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I hear that! I took out a pattern for a costume, and the pieces I needed were on three different sheets - - right in the middle of each one! So folding each up again was a nightmare.

BTW, I love Nancy Zieman's 10-20-30 Minutes to Sew book. It helped me to see sewing as little steps that can be squeezed in here and there. One day, go up and set the machines with the correct thread. The next day, cut out the pattern pieces (or trace them and cut them). The next time, lay and cut the fabric. Then start sewing, one step at a time. That way an outfit can be sewn over a period of time instead of devoting all day Saturday to it.


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Thanks everybody for your replies. Makes me feel much better. It is so frustrating. Guess they are conserving paper by utilizing all the space, but it surely can ruin your day. Barb

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I have a few patterns I haven't even dared to try and use. Most of the time I just use patterns I make myself because it's so much easier.

I will say on the whole 10-20-30 minute sewing book, I haven't read it but I hate spreading out my sewing like that! I'm the kind of person who wants to finish it once I start it, haha.

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Hi, I haven't posted on this forum much, but I love the 10 20 30 concept. Multi size patterns do make fitting easier if you are not the exact measurements of a single size. That said, I also find them confusing.

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Hi Barb, don't loose hope! I thought walmart was done with the fabric dept. too. My son works at walmart and I have noticed that his store has started carring fabric again. Precut in 2 to 5 yards, they have a few patterns and all the extras. So maybe your walmart will revamp also!

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My Walmart has started handling some fabrics, but to me they are lousy. Also, you certainly don't have much choice as to patterns or the other necessary things essential to good sewing. Whoever is picking out their fabric doesn't know much about the art of sewing with good fabrics. Also, their choices of yarn is nil---there, I've said it, but it doesn't help the situation. Thanks, though, for all of your comments. Barb

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