Dacron wrap recommendations, please

slateberry51July 31, 2009

Hi, I'm making some cushions. I have the foam, but I need to order some dacron wrap for them. I've searched the forums on dacron wrap, and found one mention of a user liking the results with 1" wrap. I haven't seen it that thick at local stores.

What thickness did you use, and were you pleased with the results?

If liked your dacron wrap and ordered it online, where did you get it?


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So, just going on that 1" recommendation from one gw'er, I checked out some sites. A lot of dacron wrap sellers don't mention the loft of their wrap. Here's a place that gives the loft (1"), and has two different firmnesses, depending on application (seat custion vs. back cushion). And they're cheaper than some of the sites that were vague about what they're selling. So, a good start. But I'll definitely wait over the weekend to hear from other gw sewers before ordering. I don't want to spend hours making and covering these cushions, only to find out they're freaky looking, or worse, freaky feeling when you sit on them.

Here is a link that might be useful: medium 1

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I think if you look for high loft quilt batting, you may find more sources for that. "Dacron wrap" may be something available only to furniture manufacturers.

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