Tinmantu (Michael) is back - YAAAAA!

kayjonesDecember 3, 2004

Michael, it's WONDERFUL to see you back aboard the good ship "TSL"! Folks, re-introducing Mr. DEBATE himself - let's give him a big "Welcome Home" hello! Let the debates begin! Michael, let's rumble - pick your subject - I am ready for a good tumble - er - GRUMBLE! Ready - set - GO!

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Heh...calm the tantaras Kay....I just had some free time to pop in one night....with the holidays and all I got tied up and haven't had a lot of online time....seems you may be the only one that is glad to see me back....me thinks maybe others don't care for debate so maybe it's time for a kinder and gentler tinman.........naaa, fug em...they can take me or leave me...lol

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday

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Did you enjoy being tied up? Me thinks ya probably did! LOL

My holidays were spent working (I was on two weeks vacation), but Christmas was nice with the family. I hope you had a great holiday, too.

Don't you DARE change your modus operandi - you are the life-blood of this place! I will debate with you any day.

People who can't stand to be challenged/argued with are more than likely unsure of their sources and facts. That's ok - just be aware that other's opinions are just that - opinions, and take them with a grain of salt. I know you well enough to say that you don't give a statement unless you are sure of what you are saying, so please - keep saying!

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good to hear that you had a nice holiday Kay....I spent mine somewhat estranged from my family again this year and thoroughly enjoyed it....I still skip the being tied up part though as I think I related the book Geralds Game to you once..heh...I'll always be looking in and will try to contribute more often, I promise.

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Michael, the handcuffs or the battle within the woman's 'self'. I guess we need to stop here - LOL!

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