Craftman Garage Door opener problem!

jayrockNovember 16, 2008

I have an older craftsman door opener and the opener hit something on its way down and it proceeded to do what it was designed to do and it went back up. However, now the door will not shut, the green light on the back flashes 5 times indicating an overheated motor. I took the cover off the opener and could see nothing jammed or worn. I rotated the worm drive motor so that it was heading down with no resistance at all. Once down a little ways, I plugged the opener back in and tried to operate, the door actually worked to head back up and then once all the way up I received the same 5 flash code and it will not go back down.

Any ideas????

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Is the trolley jammed against the bolt just in front of the motor? If so you need to remove the bolt, close the door and then adjust the 'up limit' which is located on the side of the motor unit. Turn this control 2 or 3 turns in the opposite direction of the arrow printed on the cover. Be sure to replace the bolt.

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Can you tell me exactly where that bolt would be? I can turn the worm drive gears and the trolley moves very freely. I can't see anything jammed at all and the door is all the way up. Like I said I can manually turn the gears so that the door is lower, then I plug the opener back in and hit the button and it moves up like normal than throws that 5 flash code.
I have removed the cover of the opener and I just don't know what I am looking for on this bolt, and also the door goes all the way up and hits the limit up like it's supposed to.
When you say close the door, do you mean disconnect it from the trolley piece and let it drop??
Sorry to be confused a bit here.
Thank you for your time !

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I think I have found that bolt you are talking about, however that bolt is about 8 inches away from where the trolley ends so there isn't any chance for it to get jammed on it.
Any other ideas?

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I manually put the door all the way down using a drill on the motor end, then I reconnected everything and plugged it back in and the door opened normally then when I tried to get it to go down again it wont and that's when it flashes the code

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Does it have sensor eyes? Check the alignement or for a blockage.
Does it go if you hold the button down?

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Take a good look at the limit switch assembly. You can get an idea how it works by doing what you did before/ It sounds like the switch is not making contact and the reversing relay is not being activated. One side of that assembly is for up travel and the other is down.

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Hey guys thanks for your replies. It does have sensor eyes or beams and they are definitely not blocked. I have done a tremendous amount of trouble shooting and it appears that the doors safety activation or down force safety is messed up. I have adjusted down for and limit travel etc. Looks like the board or relay is malfunctioning. It will NOT go down even if you hold the door control. It thinks it hit something on its way down and will not reset itself to let it know that it is safe to travel down again. So to me it looks like I am buying a new opener.
BUMMER, but thanks for your help indeed!

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i wanted to know where to find instruction on how to begine to remove motor off the chaine and cieling, do you do this with door manualy up or down???? so i can replace the worn gears???? motor runs but door does not move i think gears are damaged

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If you want to buy my motor and gears your welcome to them, they are actually in very good condition.
Anyways, I removed the back panel and main under cover, then I tied the back panel up and out of the way to the mounting brackets above the opener. Then you will see a black disk just at the end of the motor and you will see the main gears behind that piece. I simply pulled that black disc off the end of the motor shaft by hand (Which is part of the rpm sensor) then I actually got my cordless 18volt drill and opened the end up all the way and pushed the drill onto the motor shaft. Then I simply went clockwise and the door went down beautifully!! Reverse the drill to bring the door back up! You should put the door down and then disconnect the trolley to take weight off the gears, then you will see where to undo the gears etc. I didn't have gear problems so you may want to consult someone who has done this before, but to be hones, to me it looked pretty darn simple. One worm drive gear and the rest are just standard cog type gears. Looks fairly serviceable!
Hope this helps!

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The gear kit should come with instructions. It is easier if you don't take the opener down. The part number for the gear kit is 41A2817.

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if you decide it is the logic board, I can tell you where NOT to buy a replacement: Ontario Supply. Found them on-line and the service was great, but the board they sent turned out to be defective and after I sent it back, they refused to refund the purchase price. My advice is just to call a repair service.

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When using the remote, the garage door opener open up approximately 1 foot and then closes. Duringthis process the bar bows a little bit which tells me that there is a lot of weight? In any event, when I disengage the door from the track I am able to open the door fully (however the door seems a bit heavy.) I also noticed that the sensors on either side seem to work fine and one is green and the other is yellow. Also, the lightbulbs within the housing do not seem to work however, I am not sure if this is related to the current problem. Therefore, if anyone can suggest a resolution that would be great. Thanks,

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sc mc sc check your door springs and then remove the cover from the operator and check the drive gear. It is white nylon and is just in front of the motor. It may be stripped.

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I have a sears craftsman 1/2 hp garage door opener. all of a sudden it wont open or close. All i get is a click sound coming from the motor unit. that goes for the wall remote, the keypad outside and both car remotes. I'm not sure of the model number but the numbers i see on the unit are as follows: M.D.C.cert 132C2105-1, 11-93, K1027, and 132B2050-2. I tried moving and lining up the sensors at the floor with no luck. Obviously I dont have the manual. I know it's an old one, the inside one is a one button. any suggestions? thanks!

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