Gap between door and frame

thomas1975November 21, 2012

Sorry, wasn't sure what category to post this in.

I recently had new exterior doors (Jeldwen from HD) installed. They were inexpensive (as opposed to a fancy front door) as one just goes into the garage and one goes out the back near the laundry room.

My problem is that I feel the gap between the door and the frame is way too large. There doesn't appear to be a draft or anything like that, but I can only imagine that one might develop over time.

This is what my door looks like:

This is what a neighbor's door looks like:

Thanks for any thoughts.

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Your door was installed poorly.

Unless the gaps at the top and bottom of the latch side(the side you showed in the pictures) is the same width. If that is true, the door frame was built improperly.

The good news is if the top/bottom gaps are more narrow, the illustrated gaps can be fixed. The trim has to be removed and the frame shimmed to close the gap.

The bad news is that if the gap is the same top to bottom, that door needs to be replaced.

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The gaps are not nearly as bad around the rest of the door.

However, and not sure if this makes a difference or not, this was a door/frame 'combo' in that the door came with the frame (it's not that a new door was installed into an existing frame).

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Actually, just reread your post. The entire gap on the latch side is the same. The top, bottom and other side of door isn't as bad. But the entire latch side is as wide as in the picture...

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