Magnifying swing arm to?

donnas_gwJuly 26, 2013

I had a magnifying swing arm lamp attached to my sewing machine table for years, very similar to the one above, until a piece that holds it on cracked. I used E6000 glue to repair it and it is holding very well (since being repaired at least a year ago LOL). I no longer have the instructions, so I don't remember how I had it attached to the sewing table. Does anyone have one of these lamps that could tell me how to attach it? It was on the edge of my sewing table. Will have to post the parts in another post...I don't know how to add 2 pictures in one post. Thanks.

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I have that same lamp and the same thing happened to mine.I took the part,went to office depot,and asked them about getting me a new piece.The guy went in the back and got one and GAVE it to me free of charge.

You should have a silver piece that goes through that hole on the bottom,it looks like an "L",and the bottom part of the "L" goes thru the hole,and then yyou tighten it up.Clear as mud ,right.

Wish I could draw pictures on here.
Let me know if you can't figure it out and i'll take a picture of mine and send it to you.

I'm looking at mine now and it look like you should have 2 pcs that go below that silver piece,that one on the bottom of your full picture of the lamp looks like it has the one piece,but I don't see the last piece that is shaped like a triangle,that screws onto that silver piece that has the threads on it,and looking at your picture it looks like you do have the silver piece.Good luck,let me know if you figured it out.

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Thank you kathi!!!! I had my husband read what you posted, and he remembered how the lamp went on. I thought there was another triangle that screwed on somehow. I gave up looking for it because I really wasn't sure if it was another piece I needed or if I was imagining it. He remembered that triangle piece, knew where it was, and attached the lamp back onto my table. It is a little wobbly, and I think it is because of where it cracked and I glued it back together, it isn't perfectly flat on the bottom. Oh well....will see how long it stays on. I think I bought my lamp at JoAnn's Fabric. Did you get yours at office depot?

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I don't think I got it at office depot,but they didn't ask me if I got it there as they do sell them.I went there because it was closest to my house.Glad you were able to get it fixed.

I do a lot of cross stitch every night while the tv is on,and I use that one when I work on dark colored fabrics.but in my living room I have an ott light by my chair,and I used to use mag eyes,for the magnification,but as they got older they wouldn't stay put on my head(they're like a headband),so just 2 weeks ago I ordered a pair of clip on magnifiers that clip onto my glasses,soooooooooooo much better.Wish I had done that a long time ago.As they say,"need is the mother of invention,or in my case thinking about what else I could do.Solved all my magnifying problems.

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My sewing room is in my partially fixed up basement. Unfortunately, it only has one small window so I had to get this light. I was looking at some of my craft things, and found a small popsicle craft stick. I put that under one side of the base that had cracked (after I repaired it with the glue, it wouldn't sit flat). Stopped the wobbling LOL.

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Good,glad you solved the problem.We need to have good lighting when we create.

My sewing room used to be the master bedroom many years ago,it's a 16x22 room,that we had 1/2 of it added to a pre existing room in the 70's.Dh at the time was still in the marines,so a lot of the time he wasn't home,then he retired and went to work for s.calif Edison,and at one point for a few years he traveled almost 2 hours north to work,and did a different shift every week.That got old real quick,so he took our fifth wheel up to where his job was and lived in that for a few years,coming home when he had a long weekend(4 days) off in a row.

So I suggested I take the master as my sewing room,and the sewing room I had would be our bedroom.

He didn't think I could pull it off.Fooled him.The next time he came home I had everything changed out.Was able to get everything into the new bedroom,was tight at first and had to turn the night stands sideways,but eventually I downsized the bed to a queen,and everything worked better.
I did all of it by myself except for the mattress,and called ds over to help me with that.

Another ds cane over and put a lot of shelves in what used to be the master closet.

I'm still in that room and downsizing to a smaller bedroom didn't cause any problems.We've kept it this way all these years.

We sewers and crafters have to do what we need to do to be able to be comfortable in our spaces,don't we.

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The same thing happened to me a few years ago, and I was able to order the replacement part from Dick Blick Art supplies (look for swing art lamp, then part listing, just checked and it's still there).

I love my swing arm lamp, although I recently got a floor lamp as well so I have more light behind me....

Here is a link that might be useful: Dick Blick Art supplies

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