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cupsawmomNovember 9, 2012

Hi Everyone,

Need some input on an addition cost. We recently added a garage to the side of our house which resulted in a medium sized window having to be moved a few inches. Our contractor charged us 500.00 to move the window and now says that replacing the trim is not included. The window had trim (nothing fancy just average trim) before it was moved. We re feeling that should have been included in the 500.00. Also, we've already paid 2500 for kitchen install...are installing the knobs/pulls on kitchen cabinets included in the install price usually?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!


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What does the contract state?

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Unfortunately we made a huge mistake and don't have a contract. He is someone we were friendly with and we didn't have a contract drawn up.

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Unfortunately what is included and what should be included are up to the contractor at this point and your at his mercy.

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Did he remove the trim? Was it salvageable? If so, I would expect him to put it back. You say the window needed to be "moved a few inches". What was done with the gap created in the wall by the move? Was restoring the finishes included in the job or just repositioning the window? Full restoration of the finishes would include finish work, possibly painting, etc. If the existing trim covers the new hole and that's what you want to do, I'm surprised the contactor didn't just nail it back up. If you're expecting new trim cut to size and painted/finished, but you didn't discuss this before the work was done, you might be out of luck.

Was the job to install new cabinets? Did the cabinets come with the knobs and pulls? If so, then they should be installed as part of the install.

If you bought the cabinets and then found some nice knobs and pulls for the drawers but there are no holes in the cabinets for them, then it's possible that the installer only planned on mounting the cabinets and not locating and drilling the holes for "custom" knobs and pulls. If this is the case, I'd say that installation of the knobs is an extra.

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I hope to goodness he actually opened up the wall and installed a new header. Otherwise, this "just" could cost you the stability of that wall and possibly roof above it.

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