Use Viking stove or do induction w/ wall ovens?

camillawordenMay 25, 2013

Bought a 2002 lightly-used Viking 48" stove (VIV 1200) w two ovens (one big, one small), griddle and 6 burners from a friend thinking it could be really neat to have. Good looking and heavy-duty. Came w/ 18" Viking stainless hood also. Remodeling kitchen now and wondering if this is right for us or not?
We are 59 and 60 years old, still work long hours so we cook things that go fairly fast unless it is on the weekend. Occasionally enjoy entertaining for a crowd. Like to bake. Our fuel source would be propane. We are omnivores.
1. Cleaning. I really don't like standing on my feet too much, cleaning.
These are open drip pans under the gas burners, not sealed burners. While my friend says you can throw the grates, and drip pans into the dishwasher, the grates are heavy and it seems like another thing to do. There is also a slide out tray that gets cleaned periodically.
2. Igniter problems. What happens when you have a boil over on the stove top? I read on the internet about expensive, difficult (bad service) replacements of Viking gas igniters and it scared me. This seems to be an earlier model that perhaps doesn't have the problems listed of the mid 2000 era gas tops. We used to own a 40" Kenmore, and when the cleaning lady used too much water on the gas burner top, it would drip down, short out the igniters and we would hear a clicking noise forever until we had it serviced or it dried out. Drove us crazy.
3. Low-to-ground ovens and not self-cleaning. Racks do not slide out easily.
While I am 59 and no back problems, I am wondering about pulling a 20 lb turkey out of this oven at Thanksgiving as I get older.
4. Hood noise. I like it quiet. Not sure if gas top needs more ventilation than electric or is it merely a function of what you are cooking?
So - do I have something great that I should install without hesitancy because it's a great stove and I would be foolish not to? Or should I consider some of the newer cooking products such as induction cooktop (efficient and easy), speed oven (fast), steam oven (great for veges and bread)
We would appreciate any input!
Thank you!

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Tim Sutherland

Having been a gas man for many years I made the switch to induction early this year and I have not looked back. Having worked in restaurants for many years using commercial gas burners, the 220v induction burners provide a better high and low heat than gas.

Even at 2/3rds your age, bending over to put things in an oven is not fun. Assuming you have the space, wall mounted ovens are much easier to use. If you can stretch the budget, a steam/combi oven makes cooking much easier.

No matter what type of cooking you do, you need ventilation. All ventilation will make noise. There are ways to reduce the noise via remote blower etc, but noise is much easier to live with than the grease, smoke and smell your kitchen and house will have without good ventilation. The noise goes away once you have finished cooking, the grease, smoke and smell do not.

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thank you for your response
do the induction glass tops scratch easily?
any problems with heavy pots banging down or scraping the glass?
Do you have an induction cooktop manuf to recommend? it's so hard making these decisions.
would you have any favorite ovens to recommend?
I am thinking Wolf combi oven over or next to Wolf E single oven.
Are you also familiar with the Advantium speed oven?
Would you also install this as well as the steam oven? or not necessary?
thanks in advance!

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Camilla, we are in your situation. In our latish 50's, still working long hours. And on work nights we like to cook fast and clean up fast. Nothing, IMHO, will beat induction for that. As much as I wanted an Aga range -- okay, for the looks, I admit -- we are going induction with a 30" basic Bosch cooktop, one 30" Electrolux wall oven, a convection microwave, and a mid-sized Breville oven which looks to be an amazing thing for two people. (My mom loaned us one for the remodel, and wow . . . just wow.)

We are mounting the oven so that the door drops about mid-thigh, and if our small kitchen would have permitted it, we'd have followed the new trend of mounting the dishwasher up high, too, or gone with flanking dish drawers on either side of the sink to limit bending. Regarding ventilation, our appliance dealer (a very high end shop) told us with induction you need ventilation, but you need a lot less of it as you are venting only the smell and steam, not the heat. There is very little excess heat with the induction process. He recommended significantly less venting power to be mounted over induction vs. traditional gas or electric. Some here will disagree with that, but we are following his advice.

But back to the range -- having had gas, but having often used induction while traveling, I already know I will never go back. Never, ever. If you are totally remodeling, I'd put the Viking on Craig's List and make life easy. Good luck!

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Love that name!
Thanks for the words of advice....very helpful. A lot of times we get carried away by the looks of things. But functionality in a kitchen is key.
What kind of convection microwave are you putting in?
What does the Breville oven do? Is it countertop thing?
Did you consider a steam oven also?

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We will go with the Sharp R930, I think. A good price and good reviews at AJMadison. The Breville is, theoretically, just a toaster oven but it comes in three sizes. Check out reviews on Amazon. Toaster oven really is an inadequate term. Portable oven, maybe? They are very popular here. Expensive, but you can often get them 20% off at BB&B with the coupon.

I had no idea how well they cooked and how energy efficient they were. I wanted the Elux double oven, honestly, but having used this thing, I can't imagine ever needing a double oven. We will keep it on the counter most of the time, but have a dedicated storage spot for it in the pantry. Link below.

I did not consider a steam oven. I really didn't know what they were and had reached mental appliance overload by the time I heard about them. The speed ovens are very popular here, but I passed on that also. I am tired of learning how to use new things, to be honest. I bought a new car last week and learning how to operate all the new stuff has almost made my brain explode.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Breville Toaster Ovens

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