sewing disaster

evaf555July 21, 2009

There have been disaster posts in the remodeling sections of THS. What about sewing?

I made some delightful wrap around pants once, without a pattern, and without testing the one I had made sufficiently.

They didn't overlap quite enough. And I made them too long, and kept stepping on the loose edges. I threw them out after one wearing, there was no salvaging them.

Measure twice and cut once...I made a seat cushion 18 inches too short. It had some complicated angles, and it was piped, and it was for somebody else, who was paying me.

A college chum made her first bathing suit back in the seventies. We didn't have a wealth of lycra and spandex available. The techniques and notions that every serious sewer take for granted today were just beginning to trickle into the marketplace.

She made her bathing suit out of white material. She didn't line it. And it wasn't well-known at that point that one needed special elastic for bathing suits, as the kind generally in the stores would just sag and stretch out when wet.

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funny thread. I can really relate to this one. I have:
1. put zippers in upside down,
2. sewn trousers so the front is the right side and the back is the wrong side.
3. made all my buttonholes too large
5. fused interfacing to the right side.
and far more that I can't remember.

you name it. I don't mind making errors - I always learn something new. and I NEVER throw away a failed garment. part of the fabric could be a pocket, a lining or a binding on something else. My scrap boxes are huge.

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Forgetting to add the seam allowance when the pieces all stated in huge letters 5/8" seam allowance MUST be added. Cutting two right or left sleeves on too many articles to mention. Making a row of buttonholes, no two were the same size. Sewing velcro so the loops and hooks were against the material and I was left with the backing on the outside.....(don't watch T.V. and sew). That is just a few.

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I've made a lot of stuff over the years for myself that didn't fit, and had to toss into my scrap box. It took a while for me to figure out that making and wearing separates was easier than customizing one-piece things for my pear-shaped body. Other things like putting sleeves on backwards and not paying attention to one-way patterns and nap direction is just par for the course!
The worst thing I remember was making a suit jacket for a co-worker in the 70's. He had someone else make the pants and asked me to make the jacket. He provided nice wool fabric, nice lining material. Well, it took quite a while and turned out really nice, but when he tried it on, the sleeves were about 2 inches too short. I was mortified(this was done in front of the whole office)! I had measured his arm straight instead of bent. I didn't know to do that at the time. I was in tears. But he was such a nice guy, he just laughed and later gave me a bottle of wine for my time(I hadn't asked for any payment, thank goodness). He said he gave the jacket to a friend that it fit.

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Arrghh, I'm so mad, and so glad I found this thread today. Maybe it will save me from myself!

We're going on vacation next week with all 6 of our kids, their spouses and 6 gkids, so I thought it would be fun if all the daddys (starting with hubby) and their little boys had matching pj bottoms.

I bought a ton of flannel with basketballs on it. Well, I have one 6'2" son, hub and the other two sons are 5'10. So, naturally, I sewed one 6'2 leg to one 5'10 leg - TWICE!!! And, of course, they're serged! So I have to rip out two pairs of pants and put them back together today.

Hub thinks it would be hilarious just to leave them alone...everyone would understand. He's the same husband who wore an otherwise terrific shirt for years with two left sleeves, just rolled up the cuffs.

But I'm still pretty mad at myself. Stupid, stupid, stupid! TWICE!!!! Two pairs like this! Ugh.

Thanks for listening. I could go on with other doozies, but this one is current.


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My best friend when sewing is a seam ripper. I haven't sewn clothes in years, except bathrobes. I hate zippers and button holes, just don't do them anymore.

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velcro !!! thats why it was invented izzie

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I agree, velco is my best friend. I only really sew none clothes items. Denim slip cover for sofa (used velcro) beach bags, simple curtains, shower curtain, seat cushion for my kayak (store wanted $80, I make for $8)..ect, just no clothes. Never really learned how to fit/choose the correct size pattern.

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Well, my mom did the bathing suit thing when I was little. I was signed up for swimming lessons when I was about 6 years old, and she made me a new swimsuit! Of course, 40 years ago you needed to make sure the elastic was waterproof... Boy, that was a long swimming lesson! :)

I've done lots of the same things mentioned above, including making a wrap around skirt that didn't go far enough around. I don't understand...when I made it the first time (several years before), it fit great! What do you mean it isn't big enough now?


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Over 20 yrs ago, I worked in a custom drapery workroom, very high-end goods. We had a job where the clients sent huge panels of canvas to their artist daughter in Chicago and she hand-painted a scene, like a huge mural in pieces. The panels were numbered and had to be sewn in order so the 'mural' would come out right. This was a case where there was absolutely no more fabric available. My boss stressed that I had to cut exactly according to her drawings. I was very nervous. So what did I do?

I cut the first panel on the fold/hem line, not the cut line. I only cut in about 2 inches, but there it was, a nice slash right where the hem fold belonged. My boss went bananas. She was able to fix it with some fray check, careful folding and pressing, and the job was completed without further problems. I learned the importance of taking a break when unsure of the next step in sewing.

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OMG, I know this is an old thread, but I just found it and have to add a couple.

1) my husband was sooo proud of himself for sewing a new button on his pants after the original one fell off and got lost. Problem is, he forgot to see if the new button (one of my many spare buttons) fit through the buttonhole until after he sewed it on. It did not. I was merciless to him.

2) I cut out some fabric on an area rug (dumb, I know) and cut some of the fringe right off of the rug.

3) With some help from friends and family, I made my own wedding dress. That was not a disaster overall, though I was late to my own ceremony because I was putting the train on my dress. The disaster was the sleeves. The dress was an empire waisted sleeveless silk gown, with a long-sleeved beaded and embroidered lace overlay. I beaded one of the sleeves myself, and a friend beaded the other one for me. They looked beautiful, but when I started to attach them, I realized that they were way too short. I am tall and have long arms, but I didn't account for that when I cut out the lace for the sleeves. Duh!! And of course it was 2 or 3 days before the wedding, and there was no way I could get new ones beaded on time. So my dress was sleeveless. Lol...

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