straight grain vs. straight pattern

bbstxJuly 23, 2013

I have been working with a geometric pattern for a bedskirt for DD's new house. Prior to starting, I pulled a thread to make sure I was measuring and cutting on the grain. After I got my pieces cut out, I noticed that the pattern was not printed exactly on the grain. Fortunately it is a small pattern so it is not terribly noticeable (although I would prefer it be right!). I am just forging ahead with this project as-is.

My question is for future reference, when the pattern and the grain don't match, should I follow the grain or should I follow the pattern?

P.S. This was first-quality fabric bought from a reputable home decorating fabric store. Not expensive, but not dirt cheap either - $12/yd.

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Unfortunately, that happens all too often--that a printed design on fabric is off grain. But I think if it is to be a clothing article that must 'hang and drape', then it must be cut on the grain. Not that important if it is something like, say, a pillow or such where there is no draping. I'm sure it will be fine in a bedskirt--you've done the proper thing,

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