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jaybirdJuly 2, 2007

Went to DS's house this weekend and was conned into making a cushion cover :^) They bought a new Brother machine. It has fancy stitches built in and lots of doo-dads. It also has all hand operated controls...Whhhhaaaaaaattt???????? Yep, speed, forward, back, stop and needle rise...all hand operated; either push botton or slide switch....yikes!!! Is this a new trend???? How in the world do you hold things in place and still have a hand free to speed up, slow down and stop...etc.????? Am I THAT lost out in space?????(more probably lost in the dark ages...told you I was as old as dirt!!) I MENTIONED to him:^) the next time I have to sew something, to warn me in advance and I would bring my OWN machine...thankyouverymuch!!!!!!!

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Hand operated? I find with some projects I need a THIRD hand as it is!

I hope it's not a trend. And if it is, I hope my machine outlives me.

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I have a Brother sewing/embroidery machine, and it has a button for needle up/down, thread cutting, and reverse, but the actual operation of the machine is with a foot pedal. That said, however, when it is in embroidery mode, you have to disconnect the foot pedal and then you push a start button to make it sew. It stops itself when it's done with each color.

Maybe they have this type of machine and they just haven't discovered the foot pedal in the box yet. Because, you can operate it in regular sewing mode w/o the foot pedal - you just push that start button and then have to push it again to stop. But it definitely is supposed to be run with a pedal for regular sewing.


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Some Bernina have, in addition to the foot pedal, a button to start it and also to change the speed. Dealer said it's for those who don't have full use of their legs for whatever reason.

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All my machinery is industrial. The heads are in benches, there is knee lift for the presser foot and a treadle to control the either clutch or Servo motor.

They AIN'T easily portable, though!

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LOL Chelone...I BELIEVE that!!!!
Donna, I think you may be right....I have my DS going through the garbage!!
Dian, it always takes me three hands and sometimes I need two brains!!!
Thank you all for your help!! I'm glad I'm not toatally nutzo!!!

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