New College = New bed size: Twin to XL

passport4vickiJuly 9, 2009

Last year I bought a very nice fitted mattress topper for a twin size mattress. DD's new college has XL mattresses. I would like to find a way to add 5 inches to length. One thought is to buy a fitted XL sheet and sew the topper to it. Has anyone tried to make adjustments to make fitted sheets to fit XL mattresses? She also has 2 sheet sets I would love to use again (instead of purchasing new ones again).

I think the measurements are:

Twin fitted - 39" x 80"

XL Twin fitted - 39" x 80"

I beleive the flat sheets sizes are the sames for both twin and XL twin: 85" x 105", so I should be able to reuse the flat sheets and comforter.

Thanks for any ideas


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I think you have a typo. Regular Twin fitted is 39 inches wide by 75 inches long. My son has an XL twin bed at home and I use 2 flat queen size sheets. It is one of those high top mattresses so needs the extra depth on the sides to tuck it in. I would just get new XL twin sheets if it the bed has a regular mattress. I don't know about using the old twin mattress topper. It would be short either at the head or feet because it is not an XL.

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Yes, I did have a typo.
The sizes I found online when looking at new fitted sheets:
Twin - 39 x 75
XL Twin - 39 x 80
The mattresses at colleges that I have seen are very thin, that is why she liked a topper.

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I would just cut the fitted sheet somewhere near the bottom and add a piece 7" wide. 7" to allow for the seam allowances (4 times 5/8") and serge them together. How much deeper does the topper make the mattress than the other way? That would be a pain to adjust for. I got my dd college bedding on clearance; her college started 3 weeks after the big "state" college did and I was lucky to get the jersey bedding for under $4.00. Hope this helps

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