Foundation just repaired - what is normal damage afterwards?

mlraff53November 14, 2013

Hi all, I live in Houston and just had our foundation repaired. The house has been settling one way or the other for years but last year's drought was too much. We only had a tiny crack on the sheet rock but when we pulled up carpet to remodel we noticed a huge crack on the slab. So after alot of research decided on Atlas Foundation and the work was done this week.
My question is how much damage from the repair is normal?
Our house is two story. One corner of the house (which wasn't really jacked up as much as the rest of the house) had some cracks on the wall downstairs and lots of cracks upstairs (around doors and windows).
The problem that worries me the most is the flooring upstairs somehow pushed up. Not the actual floor but the subfloor (the plywood sheets).
I have a small mound in the entrance to my master bath.
Is this something to expect?
Should I hire a structural engineer?

All the doors that didn't close before now work perfectly.
But the door in that bathroom (the area with all the problems) now of course doesn't all.

Overall I'm happy with the job but the cracks, floor mounds and hollow sounds under my wood floor downstairs is a little strange.

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Your soil conditions are very different from my area. I have no experience with the process used on your house but believe that you gave an excellent description of the present conditions. Based on the description of most of the doors, I believe that the contractors did an excellent job. The problems you now experience probably result from warping and twisting of the previous uneven settling. They may go back more toward original position over the next several months as the house adjusts to the new situation. But loose stuff will not self-correct. I suggest waiting 6 months before dealing with those issues if your situation permits. Some of it may get better without additional help. My non-expert opinion. Good luck.

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