How do I apply eyelets?

caroline94535September 19, 2002

I need some help from you artistic and creative people. I want to try something new on one of my pages; I want to use eyelets to attach name tags above several school pictures. I bought 1/8 inch gold eyelets, a Âhole punch, and a Âsetting tool. NowÂhow do I use them?

I want a gold name tag, about ½ inch by 2 ½ inches, above each picture. The pictures will be attached to the red background paper which will be attached to the CM page.

Where and how do I punch the holes and put all these elements together? Do I punch through the name tag; the background, and the album page?

Thanks so much for any enlightenment you can give me.

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hi caroline, you don't have to punch through your page, you can simply put the eyelet on the tag...first, you punch through the tag, turn the tag over, and place the eyelet through the hole, so that the hollow end is sticking up through the paper, take your eyelet setter and place it in the hole of the eyelet, and hit the end of the setter with a hammer, gently. this should "set" your eyelet by bending the tube part down. you can then attach the tag with any adhesive you choose, you can run wire, ribbon, hemp, string, yarn, whatever you choose through the hole to give it a finished look, but it will be easier to that before you attach the tag on the page. hope this helps!! make sure you use a mat under your tag when you are setting your eyelet! also, setting eyelets is much easier on a wooden table versus a plastic table, the kitchen counter works great! again, use a mat, like a self healing mat.

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Thanks a lot for the pointer. I just started with eyelets last night. You're a God send.

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