How many have missed out because...

TinmantuNovember 15, 2003

How many out there have missed out on changing their single status for the sake of our child/children....I have bypassed a few encounters that just weren't at the right time in my life because I felt that my daughter came first and that there wasn't enough room in my life for both (financially and emotionally) at the same that mine is nearing graduation, I am feeling that it's getting to be time for ME....has anyone been, or is anyone in this same boat right now?...I'd like some others thoughts

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I can only relate to this in that 'someone' was looking out for me ie it just didn't feel right, so I didn't make the leap. It had nothing to do with my children. As I look back at those instances and people, many years later, I can say "thank YOU" for not letting my hormones rule my head. I am very selfish with my heart and don't share it with many. I am a great believer in following 'gut feelings', which I did in these circumstances. The consequences would have been devastating had I let my heart rule my head. I, for one, would not change much about my past relationships, as they were each an exercise in patience. By being patient and passing up the 'opportunity' to make another mistake, I averted the pain of another divorce. Tinmantu so aptly put it: "once burned, twice shy" - this saying has been around many years, and something I carry in my head always. The one time I let my heart rule my head, I got kicked in the butt. Today, when I look at the men who offered those opportunities, see where they have been and where they are now, I am doubly thankful that I 'passed them by'.

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