Happy Thanksgiving!!

TinmantuNovember 22, 2007

Hope everyone had a great one. Family canceled out here due to possible bad weather between here and there so it was up to me to come up with a backup plan for mom. Turns out I found the mother lode to never having to cook a thanksgiving dinner ever again. A local church had a very nice setup for people and even offers carryout. We stayed and ran into some people we hadn't seen in years. Put a 20 in the basket as it was more than worth it....Was a very nice outing and made moms day, then allowed me to sneak away and watch some terrible football games. :) ....hope you all had a wonderful day!!


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Hi Michael. Happy Thanksgiving to you too. What a great find for you and Mom. Glad the two of you had such a wonderful outing. I decided to cook and headed - LATE to the grocery store this morning. Well, glad I waited! The Safeway here was sell ALL turkeys, even Butterball, for $5!! I got a 24lb turkey for $5.00!! I ended up getting 6 of them to pass around to family and friends. I still didn't cook because I ended up getting a surprise dinner invite. That turned out just fine. I'll cook the big bird tomorrow.

Take care all!!

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WooHoo----How lucky can you two be!

I talked my son into fixing a standing rib roast instead of turkey. It was deelish and most of the leftovers stayed at his house. They fixed me a plate of everything to take home which is more than I really need to be snacking on. I guess we'll be having turkey for Christmas instead. I found fresh asparagus on sale at the local grocery Wednesday so I fixed that and tried my hand at making hollandaise sauce. I had never tried that before so was prepared to toss it if it didn't work. It turned out to be passable enough to serve. Also did some baking. DS always has to have pumpkin pie and his family doesn't like it. I end up making it every year for Son & Brother as they never get it any other time. My brothers SO doesn't do pumpkin pie either.

As for things I am thankful for--- I'm thankful that the preparation of holiday meals has fallen to the younger generation and I don't have to plan and cook them like I did when they were younger. I now get to fix a dish to take and sit back and enjoy. Life is good!!!

Hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving and the coming year continues to bring you happiness.


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Michael, it sounds like you had a great day! After 8 years of taking the family out for Thanksgiving dinner I decided to cook again. Yes, I am a good cook but the T-Day meal seemed overwhelming when the kids were littler. I have no family in the area to share the cooking with and ex wasn't the helpful sort and I was always exhausted. This year they are teens and were very helpful with the prep.

So I had my kids and my ex over here for turkey and all the trimmings. After all these years, ex is finally grateful for my cooking! He's been eating his own for quite a while now. The kids prefer my cooking to the restaurants we've been to and so do I. The benefits of going out are many, though. No mess, no work, no worry about a dry bird and it's cheaper! The downside is the lack of leftovers.

If I develop amnesia between now and next Thanksgiving I might cook again! The kids and I developed another tradition during the years we ate out, we always went on a 2-3 hour hike after our meal. This year we ate too late for the hike. We are going to hike on Sunday afternoon together instead.

Happy day after to all.

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Happy to hear that others had a good holiday. Yes Pris, it is nice to have the tradition passed on so we don't have to deal with it. :) I've been told I'm a pretty fair cook, but that doesn't mean if I can avoid it I won't...heh....Gng, I don't know what I would do with 24 lbs of turkey...I gorge myself on T-giving day and have no desire for it for the rest of the year....Eileen, I'm glad that you were able to get the family together, cherish these days. It used to be like that every year for my family but as everyone got their own family it got quieter and quieter on the holidays. Enjoy your hike!!

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Sorry I missed wishing you all a happy turkey day - I was MIA - laying on the beach in Florida - yep, I am pretty blessed!

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Welcome back Jo!...you were missed...glad you had a good time....someday I hope to become an illegal immigrant to Mexico just to screw with their minds. Then I'll lay on their beaches.

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Michael, you can move to Florida and lay on the beach - you know you are welcome to come with me!

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Moving in the near future isn't in my immediate plans, but who knows. Once you get established, I might see if I can crash out on your floor and take a winter vacation. This cold weather is starting to get to me.

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Michael, you will have a difficult time moving away from that Grandbaby! I know how difficult it was for me, when my babies moved away - gut wrenching, for sure. I think you will be living where you are for a while, but of course, you can come for a visit.

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