reasonable cost for roof repair

lindabCTNovember 9, 2013

hi all. . help, please!! a roof was recently put on my dad's house in connecticut, and i fear he was over-charged. i plan to get an official estimate, but just wanted to gauge if my gut feeling is on target.

basically, it's a 1,100 SF house with a simple cross-gable roof. there are no dormers. very straightforward. the pitch is not very steep -- just typical of what you might find on a new england cape. i know that the roofer had to remove old shingles and do some "repair" or replacement to some rafters because of roof damage. he also had to pull out (and i'm assuming replace) at least some of the wet/damaged insulation. i have no idea what type of shingles were put on, but i'm guessing they must have been pretty good quality, given that my dad was charged $30,000. i feel, given the size and simple structure of the roof, that this seems a bit steep (pardon the pun!). thoughts. . .?? thanks all!

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The time to get an "official estimate" is of course before you sign a contract for 30K. I would inquire around as to square foot "tear off" prices with licensing (if required), insurance (liability and worker's compensation) included, if the contractor had or met these.

The cost of worker's compensation is (excuse the cliche) through the roof. Nothing would surprise me as to how much a contractor would have to charge to cover this expense alone.

Withhold judgment until you've got more specifics and the contractor has had a chance to defend himself, please.

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It definitely depends on what all had to be done and prices/material vary by location. Having said that, around here (AL Gulf Coast) a 1600 sq ft reshingle and redeck wirh new valleys and vents is around $8k to $10k. That is not including rafters, attic work, etc.

I paid $6000 to do a reshingle and add turbines on my house this spring.

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