You know you're getting old if you can remember:

kayjonesNovember 15, 2004

You can remember what an 8-track tape player looked like.

You watched Lawrence Welk every Sunday evening.

When Leave It To Beaver was a first-run show.

When the family car was a station wagon with wood grain side panels.

When soda pop was in glass bottles and cost a whole 10 cents!

When your telephone number was two long rings and a short ring! LOL

When you could listen to other peoples phone conversations because you were on a party line.

When your mom and dad would say "if these prices keep going up, we are going to starve" - bread was 25 cents a loaf!

When you had to get up to change the black and white t.v. channel (if you even HAD more than one channel)!

Please jump in and add the "signs" of times gone by.

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When you remember when school clothes were different than play clothes, and you had to change from one to another after school each day.

When you remember when jeans became acceptable to wear at school.

When you remember that acceptable work for women was confined to nurse, teacher or secretary.

When you remember being taught that tampons were only for married women. (With no other explanation, at least in my case.)

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I remember...

Spending $149.00 for a pocket calculator. (add, subtract, multipy, divide,with *memory*!)

When males wore hats (not backwards baseball caps) and removed them in church. Females attending church had to have their heads covered.

When you wore your good clothes to travel by air.

When the neighborhood drug store had a soda fountain.

When a car with air conditioning was a real status symbol. Heck,I even remember when a car with a radio antenna was something special.

"All the way with JFK!"

And I fondly remember the days when people were actually able to function outside their homes without a telephone attached to their ear... >long sighI feel old.

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"Nice" girls didn't have pierced ears.

You knew if you got into trouble at school it would be worse when you got home.

Corporal punishment with a wooden paddle.

Dark Shadows

Your neighbors knew who you were and would snitch to your parents in a heartbeat.

A new bicycle meant you were rich.

"Be home,inside, when the streetlights come on."

Cotton clothing was sprinkled and ironed.


Nancy Drew

Gold Bond stamps

Middle School was Junior High


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You know the difference between an A&P and an A&W.

You are the only one at work that can add without a calculator.

Remember when Coke came in a glass bottle.

You know who Johnny Carson is.

Remember Cher as a cute young girl.

Actually drove a car with a three on the tree shifter.

Remember when the only people that didn't have jobs were simply lazy.

: )

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