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ailene54November 30, 2012

My daughter is moving into a new apt. Her apartment is on the seond floor (of a newly renovated house), her room is the master bedroom which has a terrace outside, and 3 ceiling to floor windows which opens to the terrace and a door leading to the terrance. The door to terrace looks sturdy, has a dead bolt. She agrees that she needs window and door alarms since anyone can easily get on her terrace from the connecting houses. I'm concerned that the door to her actual apt is nothing more than a room door with a lock, the door leading to the outside looks sturdy. She refuses to put an alarm on the door to the apt, but has agreed that she will put a lock/ or alarm on her bedroom door for when she is alone. Any suggestions for alarms for the windows and doors along with what kind of a lock/alarm she can use on her bedroom door will be appreciated. If I sound overly nervous it's because in my last house I surprised a bugular, it was horrible!

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With the information you provided, it seems as though the windows and door to the terrace could need additional locks. Hard to say without seeing it. Depending on the size of the window panes, if large enough to break and enter the bedroom, a better lock on the window only solves half that problem. An alarm would probably be the best bet, but, since she is renting, the owner may not want the associated wiring, etc., to be installed in their property.

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You don't have to worry about the landlord and wiring because there are very good wireless alarm systems out there. If you are not familiar with the Clarke Howard show, he frequently discusses the subject of home security systems and what a rip off most of them are. He has some very good information. Below is one link that might be helpful. You could do a internet search and find much more.

Here is a link that might be useful: Home burglar alarm systems

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Thanks so much for the suggestions. I never heard of the Clarke Howard show, but alarms on her windows and door is exactly what I would like. I'm going to check it out...and will probably buy it for her, so I have peace of mind.

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This link might be more helpful than the first one I posted

Here is a link that might be useful: Self install security sytems

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