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ericaNovember 21, 2004

Hmmm... I don't know, life's just kind of worked out that way. I would love to meet my Mr. Right, but in the meantime, don't want to put my life on hold waiting. At age 35, I'd be dead by now if I had;-)

Anyway, I'm not sure if there's any protocol for joining in here. I've come to read here infrequently just to see if this forum has gained any life. I think it's a shame that it hasn't, because there seem to be several good people here.

Figured since I commented on kayjone's post, I should at least post & say "Hello!":-) I'm not sure what it will take to get this forum moving, but I'm willing to help.

So, hi from the boonies in Southern Utah, where there is a non-existent supply of eligible men. I'm thinking my "singlehood" is going to continue a while yet. Thank goodness I have the internet & a connection to the outside world:-)

Hope you don't mind my joining in!


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Hi Erica,

I'm sort of new to this forum but I've been around GW for a couple years. Mostly I've never met anyone that wanted to marry me so at 40 I'm still single. Now that I'm past the age where having children seems attractive it makes little or no sense to seek marriage. It would be nice to meet someone special and live happily ever after but I don't see that ever being my story.

I'm michael but there is already a Michael on this forum so I'm not certain what name to use.

: )
the other michael

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Hi Erica, glad you made another post! Not sure how long this forum is going to be around. I come back here from time to time, only to find nothing new.

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If you don't find anything 'new', please feel free to start something! The other Michael goes by Mike or Tinmantu, so we can tell you guys apart.

Erica, BOTH Michaels are free, so grab one of them! I know Tinmantu personally, and if you grab him, you have yourself a WINNER! He is handsome, VERY INTELLIGENT, a real gentleman, and just a very rare man! Just email him, introduce yourself, and say "Kayjones" sent you.

We are glad you are here, and hope you will post often.

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LOL, Kayjones:-) But why haven't you grabbed him? And are you into matchmaking? Should I beware? Or maybe he should beware - I could be a serial killer;-) Nah, I don't think I have it in me... Nice to meet you:-)

Michael, aka Bunnyman, your name makes me laugh:-) My job title is Bunny Caretaker... Honest! You've never met anyone who wanted to marry you - or you've never met anyone you wanted to marry? Could be a big difference. I'd hate to think that having children is the only reason to get married, but understand what you're saying.

Kath, nice to see you here:-) I just started posting on the KT, so have seen your name lots over there. Sorry that the house didn't work out, but sounds like it's for the best, given your doubts. My mom & I once rented a place with a slough going through the property, & that was a pain. I don't like having my privacy invaded.

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Bunny Caretaker? What in the world is that? It sounds like it could be a dream job!

I suppose it might be more fair to say that if a woman ever wanted to marry me I didn't understand that. As for wanting to marry I have permission from a local gal to court her. This is not to say that I have any hot relationship going. We live in a small farming community so there are not many options for either of us. The price of feeling bound to the area where we grew up. Sometimes wish I had a heart that could wander the world.

: )

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Having been around these forums for quite a while, I can vouch for the personal integrity of both Mike and Michael. Lovely people, both of them!

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Michael, I see, in your picture, the hands of a gentle angel! Any gal would be BLESSED to marry you, gentle soul that you must be!

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I like that you have "permission", Michael - sounds old-fashioned:-) Hope it turns into something good.

Bunny Caretaker, I am one of six full-time (& one pt) employees that take care of about 110 rabbits at a very large animal sanctuary. I've discovered what wonderful characters rabbits are:-) Is that a baby cottontail? We had several visit us this summer. Our Bird dept. does wildlife rehab, though, so no hands' on with them.

I've wandered a lot, and just want one place to call home.

P.S. BarnMom, I have a feeling there are a lot of lovely people here:-) We just need to pull some more out of hiding!

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Yes Erica that is a cottontail. It was wild so after a couple pictures I sent it on its way. What kind of rabbits do you have?

Thanks to all for the nice words.

: )

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Bunnyman, that is the sweetest little photo! It makes me weep!

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Hello! I finally subscribed so that I could do some posting. This whole Garden Web deal is just fantastic. So many neat forums to read, Ill be years catching up. Im single, divorced actually. To be totally truthful, Im at the stage in my life where I really like being single. I work hard and play hard. I dont have to answer to anyone, I do what I want to do, am financially responsible and no one can mess that up (but me, of course!). I enjoy friends and going out and doing stuff, but when I go home I want my solitude. I have a 10 acre farm, and thoroughly enjoy gardening (which is what got me to Garden Web in the first place). Oh sure, theres some nights when I get lonely, but I can either call a friend to go out, or get on a forum and gab away. Thats not to say if a special man came along that I wouldnt grab him, but its not a high priority in my life. I know so few relationships that are actually working, and so many that have broken up, that Im really in no hurry to jump into the fire myself. Im having too much fun to let someone else spoil it right now. Selfish? You bet. But Im responsible for my own happiness, and if I cant make myself happy, no one else can. And this forum is probably slow right now because everyone is out having fun!

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