Let's welcome a new member - cavamarie!

kayjonesNovember 28, 2004

I am so happy to welcome you here - when we all get together, here on the forum, we have fun. This forum has the nicest people - I read it several times a day, and post once in a while. I hope you will start posting new topics for us to discuss, and post often.


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Wow, Thanks Kay...thats some Welcome! Im not sure if Ill have much to offer as far as new posts on this forum goes. I enjoy reading the Soil and Compost Forum (yes, Im a Compost Wacko), an enjoy reading the Daylily and Rose forum, as Im a Daylily and Rose Enthusiast. I have a 10 acre farm, race horses (who also contribute to my compost piles), a brand new house that was just built in August, which is pretty naked right now as I ran out of money. But thats okay, I have a computer, a microwave, appliances, and a TV. Who could ask for anything more? I work full time as an office manager at a large horse training facility. What else...oh, Im getting back into trying to grow my own veggies organically. Starting to get freaked out with all the chemicals found on fresh fruit and veggies at the local market, so thought Id give growing things a shot. Not really easy to do organically in Florida, but Im gonna try. We have a brand new Walmart Supercenter that was just built in town...its my new favorite place! But its about 20 miles away, so I have to specifically plan to go, theres no just "dropping by". Sunday morning early is the best time, no crowds.

So whats all this got to do with singles living? Im not really sure, except for the fact that Im really busy having too much fun to think that living singley is anything but a good thing!

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Hi Kathy!

Looking forward to getting to know you. Twenty years ago I was stationed at MacDill AFB and still have fond memories of Florida.

: )

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Hi, michael. Nice to meet you. Quite a difference from MacDill AFB to the thumb of Michigan. Is the area grown up where you are, or is it still fairly untouched? I live out fairly far where I am, still cant get cable/DSL but I can see within time that development will close in on me. Would love to find a place sometime in the far future to retire to which is population-poor, wildlife rich, and warm! Is there such a place? As beautiful as Im sure it is where you are, Im really a weenie when it comes to cold weather. Ive gotten spoiled down here being able to play in the garden 12 months out of the year. I bet the colors up where you are in the fall are dazzling, tho.

Am I on-topic or off??

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Sounds like you are on topic to me. Most of the forums here at GW seem pretty friendly and willing to let topics wander as suits the conversation.

Development with a capital D around here. No shortage of people throwing up homes on every hilltop. The local village just put in wide streets and cut down all the mature trees to give it a modern feel. Sort of SimCity run wild. I live on a 10 acre patch so I have some room to breath.

This would be Thanksgiving Day around here...

I missed getting pictures of the fall colors... 60-70 hour work weeks. Speaking of work it is almost that time.

Do you work with horses at home?

: )

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What a picture! I cant believe its like that already. I sure dont see many people in that picture, you look like youre really isolated. Has a real Dr. Zhivago feel there, huh.

I dont do much with the horses at home, I dont even ride. I have mostly mares and babies, and just raise them til its time for them to go off to school.

60-70 hour work weeks? You know what they say about working too much...

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noticed you said, "Im really a weenie when it comes to cold weather". Wow, and I was just thinking how cool is was last night in Ocala!!! I'm a bit further south (Brevard County) and had my slippers on last night. I was taking day trips to Ocala a couple years ago - and think the area is beautiful!
Welcome - I don't post too often either, but agree that single life can be fabulous. Key word for me is *can* ...

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Welcome, welcome, welcome! Another Floridian - I loved it! I'm Barbara - live just north of Tampa a smidge and I have a sheltie too - Callie.

Welcome to TSL.


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Hi, Joules, where in Brevard county are you? Did you get beat up by the hurricanes? Seems like I remember parts of Brevard really taking a beating, but then again what parts of Florida didnt. I hope you didnt sustain any damage, and if you did it was minor and quickly fixed. I was so lucky. I dont have many trees, but I have huge live oaks along the perimeter of my property. I woke up the morning after the hurricanes thinking I had done so well, with no damage or trees down, then went out the driveway, and my road looked like a logging company had come down the road cutting down trees. Lost electric for a week, which was difficult having horses, but we all made it. Small price to pay for living in paradise, huh.

Barbara, Callie is adorable! Is there anything as sweet or perfect as a sheltie? They arent even dogs, they are precious little souls. My motto is "love me, love my Sheltie". Boy, Tampa was under the gun this year too, wasnt it? One of the hurricane, I forget which one, looked like it had dead aim on Tampa, then at the last minute it hit south of there. Scary stuff.

Thanks for the warm welcome, guys.

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Hi cavamarie - I'm in north Brevard - not quite in the armpit, but really close. I got most of the damage during the first hurricane and it's all cleaned up & fixed now. Lost my big ole' cedar tree, but my live oaks survived!!!!! I'd probably rather loose my house than the oaks - they could never be replaced (course, if it happened that way, I'd probably be crying the blues and saying "I was only kidding"). A friend of mine lives sort of near you, in Citra, and lost her home. It's tough on her because she's a dog breeder and has had to *temporarily* break up their pack for safe keeping elsewhere ...That really puts it all in perspective for me. Glad your horses were okay - must be really scary for them. I'd be a mess with worry.
Have a good day all.

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Joules, I LIVE in Citra! How terrible for your friend! I didnt see any damage like that near me, tho there were some very large trees that fell on houses that somehow missed doing any damage. I hope your friend has been able to get her crew back together again.

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I'm late getting around, but welcome to the board cavamarie...as you see, there are a lot of good folks here...pull up a chair and settle in

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I'm even later, but wanted to say "Welcome". I'm new to this forum, too. I was a horseperson for 22 years, and also an organic gardener. Gee, I feel old saying that, but I'm only 35... well, 36 soon, but who's counting? ;-) You need to post some photos of your horses!

Oh, and you think you have to plan to go to Wal-Mart? It's an hour and a half from where I live. 20 miles is nothing;-) That, and you have gardening all year, & horses, I'm jealous, lol!

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